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Thoughts on Potawatomi

We met with the coordinator, Dell this weekend after we saw some photos of an acquaintance who had her ceremony there. The photos were great, and the wedding got big thumbs up from everyone I spoke with.

So, we met with Dell who was adorable and SO easy to talk to. The Tribal Room is STUNNING. The Ballroom was FANTASTIC..  They have SO  MUCH to offer and that they will do for you.  Even free shuttles for your guests to local hotels.

One problem. The smoke. We walked in from the parking structure- and BAM we were HIT by a wall of smoke. I was expecting SOMETHING because, well, it is a casino and all. But woah.

then we went into the rooms. NOT A SNIFF of smoke could be SNUFFED.. or whatever LOL. You couldn't smell it AT ALL.

What are your thoughts? The venue is GORGEOUS - they are willing to work with us on SO MUCH so far, the price is great. But.. if you walked into smelly-- albeit for a few moments, would that ruin the experience?

Lay it on me...

Re: Thoughts on Potawatomi

  • Nah, if you guys won't be hanging out there then no big deal...
  • A friend of mine had their wedding at the casino in GB.  Now that you mentioned the smoke I remember it, but it was not the memorable part of the evening.  Their rooms were awesome too!  I say go for it!  Your guests will not remember it because the party and the company of other guest celebrating ya'll will out-weigh any smoke :) 
  • I had my wedding there last April!  The smoke was literally the only thing on our "cons" list.  But honestly it was not an issue.  LIke you said, when you are in the actual rooms (we had our ceremony in the Tribal Room and went back in there for dancing after dinner) you can't smell it.  Another thing that I appreciated was the fact that security was well aware of our wedding that night and Dell made sure they were on top of reminding certain guests which areas are non-smoking.
  • Omg I LOVED the tribal room. What I would absolutely love to happen would be to have the whole kit n kaboodle in that room. How many people did you have? Where did you go to have your dinner? I have a million questions for Dell after looking at the whole menu. 23 pages later and my head is spinning Lolol Thank you ALL for your input!!!!
  • We had about 120 people (maybe slightly less.  We had our ceremony in the Tribal Room, then while they changed the room over we had our dinner/cocktail hour in the old Wild Earth restaurant (it's the room to your left as soon as you cross the skywalk).  They set it up beautifully with round tables and we could either have them to our centerpieces (for a price) or bring our own. Then after dinner we went back into the Tribal Room where the the DJ and dance floor was all set up, and finished the night in there.  They were also able to set up a bar in the tribal room as well.  If you need any more info or pics let me know!
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