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Brooch Bouquet...

The new trend in flowers seem to be brooch bouquets! What do you think about them and would you use them?
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Re: Brooch Bouquet...

  • They're not my style. Last summer my roommate had just got engaged and was all excited about her brooch bouquet - I had never heard of such a thing!! I think they can be beautiful but I guess I'm just too traditional to give up my flower bouquet. :) 

    She was planning on using a lot of legit heirlooms in hers, though, which I think is a nice touch too. I suppose it depends on the style of the wedding too!

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • I've seen some beautiful ones. I might do this, asI am having an evening candlelit wedding, but I'm not sure.
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  • I think they're beautiful. I really like them a lot, but I'm probably just going to go with regular flowers.
  • They are pretty but I will probably just have a flower bouquet.

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