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Bachelorette Party Drama!

I have a very big family as does my fiance. My sisters want a list of who to invite to my bachelorette, and I'm stuck!! Should I have to invite all the girls (All cousins, close friends and bridal party) or can I pick and choose who I want to invite.  Note: Some cousins have been very rude and unsupportive lately of things i've picked for the wedding and I don't want them ruining a good time.  I also dont want more than 15 people there.

So the Question remains.. Invite everyone... or pick and choose?

Re: Bachelorette Party Drama!

  • I'd only invite those you want there.
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    I agree with Joy.  It will just end up being a mess unless you only invite the girls who you know are supportive of you.  Maybe to avoid any hurt feelings, only invite those in the bridal party (so there's no favorites among cousins etc) and then if they really want to do something with you before the big day you can have a shower or something like that where you will feel more confortable including them.
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  • Thank you all! You're absolutely right! And since I'm having a very large bridal shower its not like they wont be included in something!
  • Invite your closest friends only. The people you hang out with the most (or just the bridal party). There is no reason for you to have to invite every cousin unless you are close friends with them. 
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