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Any yoga people

The three pies I have left over from Thanksgiving have spurred my fatass into doing some physical activity.  I'm going to my first yoga class this afternoon and have very little idea of what to expect. Any tips on yoga etiquette or any details I might not have thought of would be appreciated.  TIA.
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Re: Any yoga people

  • Tell the instructor that you're new, so he/she can help you if needed.

    Don't put your mat too close to anyone else's.

    Shut off your cell phone and be on time and quiet.

    Bring a towel and water.

    Wear a shirt that's not going to expose you when you're bending/twisting/raising your arms.  Fitted is good because it doesn't gape.

    Have fun! 
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  • In Response to Re: Any yoga people:
    [QUOTE]Wear a shirt that's not going to expose you when you're bending/twisting/raising your arms.  Fitted is good because it doesn't gape.

    Posted by Brie2010[/QUOTE]

    Same goes for shorts, wear tight fitting shorts or yoga pants.  If you have regular gym shorts, wear bike shorts or something under them.  You'll be doing a lot of bending and twisting and stuff.

    Wear comfy socks or plan to go barefoot.  You don't wear tennis shoes in a yoga class.
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    What kind of yoga are you doing?

    If you are going to hot yoga, wear comfortable and very breathable clothing (i.e. fitted short shorts and fitted tank), bring a couple towels to go over mat, lots of water (I find putting some ultima powder or something in a bottle of water helps), and be prepared to lay down a lot the first class :) Depending on your instructor...well, it can be a shock as Bikram instructors can be a bit more "out there" (I don't find it intimidating as I think they are just crazy but many do...)

    If going to other styles of yoga, wear comfortable clothing you can move and stretch in but that is not too bulky or won't gape and show parts off you don't want shown off. Generally I find other styles of yoga I like to wear yoga pants to keep the warmth going. Bring water.

    I like to wear a headband too to keep sweat out of eyes and hair back a bit better as it gets messy once I start stretching.

    Plan to go barefoot whatever yoga you are doing, it is a lot easier to get a good "grip" if you do. Some styles of yoga (like hot/Bikram) you will be looked at very funny (and may even be...um...."told off") if you wear footwear/socks in class.

    Leave about a mat width between yours and other mats if there is room, if you need to go down to a half mat width okay. Stagger your mat so you don't block someone else from mirror. Don't go in front row first few classes.

    Bring whatever for showering after.

    Let instructors know it is your first class. Don't push to where you hurt yourself. Don't bring in cell phones. No talking. If you can't do a pose, lay down or do whatever the instructor says and don't stand in front of others trying to do their stuff (almost goes without saying, but you would be surprised!).

    Generally for your first class, a mat rental is included but if not it is usually cheap (a couple bucks) to rent a mat if you are not ready to buy.
  • Oh and DON'T wear perfume or other scents as much as you can avoid it.

    Shower off if you need to. Perfume starts to REALLY stink once you get moving and can get really strong. I like perfume, and always have to make sure I rinse off before I go into the room or I will choke myself and others out once I am moving.
  • I think that about covers it.  Thanks ladies.  And Anon, I wouldn't have thought of the perfume thing.
    Whatever you hatters be hattin. -Tay Prince
  • And please come back and tell me how you liked it! :)
    Yoga is one of my favorite things in the history of ever.
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