Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Hi Everyone!

So I want to whiten my teeth, and I came across a pretty good deal for Zoom! Teeth Whitening.  I have been reading some reviews, but they are kind of vague.  Has anyone had the Zoom! procedure?  How long do you think it lasts?  Some of the reviews said only a week.

I also read it was kinda painful, so I don't want to do that if it won't last.  Any information would help me out!


Re: Zoom! Teeth Whitening

  • I've had it done before. It is painful, especially if you have sensitive teeth like I do. The results definitely lasted waaaaay longer than a week for me and I drink coffee every day. If you want to whiten your teeth in a short amount of time, do the zoom. If you have a few weeks to spare, I would just get trays professionally made at your dentist and do the at-home bleach.
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