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St. Lucia vs. Negril vs. Fiji? Sandals vs. Couples vs. Other AI?

Hi All,

My FH and I are trying to gather some honeymoon ideas. We decided last minute to get married this August in Las Vegas (we live in San Diego and my family is in Boston). We wanted to go on our honeymoon right away and have been exploring some different options, but wanted some advice from the pros :)

For those that have been to these places, which would you say is the best? We want to relax, swim, eat, drink, & be merry :) We don't want to be too secluded and would like some different options for fun. We also are looking forward to the social aspect and having other newly married couples around, so any island that can only host 14 couples at a time probably won't be for us.

Any tips/advice/guidance that you ladies could offer is greatly appreciated. TIA for the help! 


Re: St. Lucia vs. Negril vs. Fiji? Sandals vs. Couples vs. Other AI?

  • Also, we have to make sure that we are choosing a place that has good weather in August :)
  • We've been to St. Lucia just got back a few weeks ago from our second trip there and Negril . We stayed at Sandals both times in St. Lucia and also in Negril. St. Lucia by far would be my choice. Actually, we really have no desire to go back to Jamaica. I have reviews and pics of both places in the link above my siggy pic. Hth
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  • I've been to Sandals Negril which was nice, but I don't know if I'd go back either.  I'd probably try a different Sandals.  I love them, they're great.  Negril is 1.5 hours from the airport.  They take you there on a bus which is nice, you get to see some of the country side.  They stop and give you more beer.  Red Stripe, yum.  
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    I typed up this whole response and my internet died! LOL anyway, the gist was to steer clear of Fiji. 99% of the all inclusives there are not truly all inclusive, most of the resorts that are semi-AI are on small islands, and you will get a TON more for your money elsewhere. Not sure what your budget is, but you'll spend $2K just in airfare to Fiji. Do not let hurricane season deter you- it may affect an island for 3-5 days and that is why you buy trip insurance.

    EDIT: I have been to Fiji and loved it and have also been to Jamaica, as well as many other AIs in other Caribbean destinations.


  • If it wasnt hurricane season in August, I would say pick St Lucia since its supposed to be absolutely beautiful and exotic! But I would be scared to spend all that money to go there for a honeymoon when theres a chance it could rain the whole time?! I've heard mix reviews about Jamaica, so that leaves Fiji. Personally I would pick Fiji, especially if you like diving or snorketling, its supposed to be some of the best in the world. I've been to the Cook Islands and it was paradise on earth, Fiji is supposed to be very similar. I think it would be such an adventure to go to there!! Another thought, have you considered Bali? August is a perfect time to go, we were there for 2 weeks a few years ago and its amazing!!

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  • I love Negril and go there often. It's a very laid back area, with beautiful beaches, great food, and good nightlife. Hurricane season should not deter you. I've visited the Caribbean during hurricane season for the past decade and have yet to have any trouble with the weather. All you have to do is buy travel insurance.

    Ive always wanted to go to Fiji and as soon as I can manage to get a two week block of time, I'm going, lol. 
  • I love Fiji, and I feel like if you are already in LV for the wedding, it's easy to fly down to LA and then hop to FIji.  But as Jells said, chances are, you'll be at a resort that isn't near Nadi, so you'll need a connecting flight and maybe a boat or van ride from that airport.  And Fiji isn't cheap.  So it all depends on your budget.  But for a HM, I think it's great to go a little farther than you'd usually go for your average trip.
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