March wedding in sacramento

My wedding date is 3/24/2012. Is this a bad idea? I really don't want wait any longer than march, but now I'm a getting nervous that I chose a bad month. Please write if you were married in this month or were in a wedding.& love in my area.
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Re: March wedding in sacramento

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    I went to a sacramento wedding in early march it was sunny but not warm. But 2012 is a ways off so it could rain as well in march here. I say just make a back up plan for bad weather and go with whatever month you like best! Happy Planning
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    I haven't been to a wedding in March, but your wedding day is my mom's birthday. I would recommend a definite indoor wedding because sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn't. It is generally not that warm though, even if it is sunny. But there can be some beautiful spring blooms by then.
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    Just went to a wedding in Roseville on Sunday and it was pouring. If you want an outdoor wedding, I'd probably opt for later in the year. Otherwise just plan on being inside.
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    Hi! I am getting married the weekend before you. I live in Yuba City and am looking anywhere from Chico to Sacramento and all around the surrounding areas. I think a back-up plan is a must (standing in the rain during a funeral seems okay...during a wedding, not so much!!) and am in the midst of a MAJOR search for a venue that offers a great back-up option. My ideal place will have beautiful outdoor grounds for the ceremony, a large & pretty indoor area for the reception with capacity for 300+ guests (and hopefully with access to the outdoors!), AND an indoor space (or really great tents) for the ceremony in the event of bad weather...preferably, it will be a separate room from the reception so that, if we must move the ceremony indoors, the reception can still be set up prior to the ceremony (rather than in between the two!). This has not been easy to find, but I am searching very hard! If you send me more details about what you are looking for, I am more than happy to send you a list of places I've found that might work! Good luck and congratulations!!!!
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