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Hello everyone! In search of a new photographer. Anyone have anyone great to suggest? Any information good or bad about: Celica Mangus,, Daniel Sullivan, or Bohleimages, or anyone else?
Also, has anyone heard of Tastefully Yours?

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    Celia is very expensive and I could never get Daniel Sullivan to email me back so no idea on him. You already know I went with Scott :) but i haven't heard of Bohleimages

    I think Tastefully yours was at one of the wedding fairs if I remember correctly and ALL the food there was good! I would recommend looking into Montana Jacks for catering. Our hotel is catering so I can't use them, but their staff, packages and prices are amazing: I believe some of their packages even come with a cake, they have some really great deals.
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    lasting memories and hotel is catering
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    We're going with Celia Mangus. I was really impressed by her at our meeting, and maybe because I was looking at photographers in the Phoenix area too, her prices seemed really reasonable. What I really liked was 1) her artistic approach to photography and 2) that we get all the images. It really bothered me with other photographers that we'd pay them a good chunk of money to come out and photograph the wedding, then we'd have to pay them again to get the images! Seems crazy to me!  Anyway, I was really impressed with her and I'm really looking forward to her photographing our big day.
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    We are using Carlie Breen. Her prices are great, and she had glowing references. Where will you be getting married?
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    I will have to look Carlie Breen up. We are getting married out in Huntley. Not at Chancey's but on the land by the bed and breakfast. You?
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    I'm using Lasting Memories.  We had our engagement photos in February, and she was great.  I was really happy with the images.
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