Wedding location has no bridal dressing room... help!

Our loaction, although I love it does not have the usual ammentities, to include a dressing room for anyone to get ready in. Any ideas? I thought about renting a house or hotel but that all just seems so pricey and a waste considering we would only need it for a few hours.

Our wedding location is near Ojai, CA. Just about 30-40 min from Santa Barbara and Ventura.

If anyone has a recommendation for Ojai, Santa B, or Ventura please help. We are on a budget so keep that in mind.

Thanks ladies!!

Re: Wedding location has no bridal dressing room... help!

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    When is your wedding date?
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    I would get ready at someone's house and just carpool it to the site. It's cheaper and more fun, and the photos of you getting ready will be in a place you know.
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    A friend of mine had her weeding in a small out of the way chapel, she placed a small white tent on the back side of the chapel where no one could see it, it worked perfectly for hiding her and last minute changes and makeup check. But we had done most of the changing, makeup and hair at the salon that morning.
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