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Work 'shaming'

A co-worker of mine exchanged to our India office for 6 weeks a few years ago.  She said she liked except for the fact that they called people out on their mistakes in front of everyone.  

If you screwed up with a client, had a bad monitoring score, or whatever, it was all done out on the main floor.  No taking anyone back to the supervisor's cubicle for a meeting or anything.

On one hand, people of the US could use more public shaming overall.  But on the other, I'd cry (and probably get fired or something).

Re: Work 'shaming'

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    But really, if this were SOP, you wouldn't cry, because you'd be used to it. You'd also not think that you were the only or biggest screwup, because you'd have full knowledge of everyone else's screwups.

    I'm kindof thinking this is a good idea.

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    Ditto DG, plus I already think you're a big sissy anyways.  Might do you a world of good.
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    I personally think it's very rude to call people out, especially if you work in a public place where customers are around. I speak from experience. I mislabelled a product that I was putting on a shelf. It was supposed to be 25.20, but I labeled it as 22.50. An honest mistake, I got the numbers mixed up, but when a customer came up to buy the product and noticed the 2.70 difference, they freaked out. As per the policy, we had to let them pay what it said on the sticker. As the customer was paying, my boss called me over, and had the customer explain what happened. My boss then called me a "little idiot", and the customer's jaw hit the floor. The boss then told me to "get my head out of my ass, and get my sh!t together". The customer told my boss to lighten up, and that if it was that big of a deal, he would pay the extra two dollars and seventy cents. My boss told the customer that I needed to learn, and that it was my fault. The customer looked at me and said "are you going to take that?". I told my boss I quit, and the customer gave me a high five.

    That being said, I think that there are certain situations that require a little bit of public humiliation. :P
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