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I attended a wedding last night and wanted to share one of the lovely moments of the night.  It was a West African/German wedding in London (lots of cultures!) and there was a lot of traditional dress which was amazing. 

At one point in the night the hall emptied out and we all assumed that many guests had left.  Then the bride's aunt got on stage and welcomed the guests who had presumably left back into the room (probably about 50).  They all came in wearing dresses and suits made from the same fabric but each outfit was a different style.  She explained that this signified the fact that we are all the same even though we may have differences, and we must embrace these similarities as well as the differences.  Then they passed around strips of the fabric to the other guests to add to their outfits and everyone took to the dance floor for an amazing moment. 

I've never seen anything like it at a wedding but it was a really great moment (not to mention that some of the homemade outfits were incredible!) so I just thought I'd share. 

Anyone else ever seen anything like this at a wedding? 

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    Wow! That sounds sooo neat! I love the idea!

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