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Food quality at Sportmen's Lodge and food sampling at reception venues?

Has anyone been to a wedding or have an opinion on the quality of food the Sportmen's Lodge serves for wedding receptions?  I am considering having my reception there, but they don't offer food samplings unless you book.

The quality of food is a key factor to whether I will book there or not?

Also, in your experiences do most reception sites offer food samplings prior to booking their venue.  I am originally from Michigan and this is very common.  Most people do not book a venue unless they have sampled the food.

Is this true of Los Angeles as well?


Re: Food quality at Sportmen's Lodge and food sampling at reception venues?

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    Went to  my cousins wedding 2 yrs ago (before the BIG remodel)

    She had TONS of food...she also did buffet style. The food was good...nothing was dry or burned if thats what you are wondering but if you are looking like 5 star food then maybe you shouldn't go there either. 

    Everyone said the food was GREAT and never heard once anyone complain. 

    We started with appetizers which waiters passed and everyone liked
    Then the main course which we all got up to go to the buffet table. Had lots of options so if you didn't like something just moved on to the next and she also had a carving station.
    Then she had like a nice little scoop of sorbet to freshen the mouth....which to be honest I thought it was GREAT!

    Then she had alcoholic beverages for some time and then soft drinks all night long which let me tell you, my venue won't do soft drinks all night and that kinda bothers me.

    I don't think a lot of venues do tasting unless you book here in CA...but don't quote meUndecided I myself never ran into someone just try our food and then books us. Maybe that's more JUST CATERING places.

    HTH and GL!
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    Thanks!  I really appreciate you responding.  
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    I went there for a couple of college functions years ago, before they remodeled. The food, from what I remembered, was good, but like xxquemirasxx said, not 5 star quality.  I did like my food then and had no complaints. Who knows, maybe it's gotten better.  Food tasting before booking, isn't something that's really done here. Normally venues offers food tasting after you book with them. Although it certainly would be a good idea.  

    You should try looking for reviews on Project Wedding, and YELP.  Good Luck!!
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    After the remodel? I couldn't tell it was remodeled at all and I was just there in April. Oh my.

    Only had breakfat but it was better than most. 
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    The remodel was done in the big banquet facility, I'm having my wedding there outdoors this October. The big banquet has outside cateres where as if you have the outdoor reception and the meeting room reception there catering is done within their own kitchen. I'm having the studio city buffet which is 5 salads 3 entrees and 5 sides so I'm sure there's plenty of options for picky eaters. I have tasted there food before and I have no complaints.
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