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Did any of yall use a coordinator just for the wedding day?  how did it work?  Did you just give them a list of vendors and things to check up on?  Did you feel less stressed?  I've basically planned every part of this wedding myself, and I'm nervous that on the day of the wedding, everyone will be coming to me with questions and I won't enjoy the day.  But I also don't want to pay a zillion dollars for someone when I've already done all the legwork. 

Any suggestions on people that are good but affordable for just the day of the wedding?  Thanks!

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    I planned our wedding and I didn't necessarily have a DOC, but our venue provided a manager for the occasion (ceremony and reception were at the same place).  We also gave jobs to family members, like my aunt was in charge of paying off the last few vendors (I pre-wrote checks to them).  I do recommend having someone there to make the decisions for you on the day of so that you can enjoy yourself.  It might be worth looking into if you venue can't provide someone for you...
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    I don't plan on using one because I can't afford one, but I've heard of girls having one and being glad they did.

    If you end up not using one, I second ZachandMere's advice on making sure certain people are in charge or certain things on the day of. I would try to plan ahead of time as much as you can in terms of timeline, etc and let everyone have a copy so they know what to do and when. Coordinate with family and friends on when things need to be done and what needs to be done (even do drawings if needed).
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    I know Pam of Splendid Events does DOC.  I am using her for my wedding in Texas in Sept.but she is located in Louisville.  However, I know she is reasonable (very), plus she is such a great person to have your team.


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    I am also using Pam with Splendid Events. She is definitely reasonable and well worth every penny. She is helping so much to ease my mind. It is nice to know on my wedding day I can sit back, relax, and be the bride!

    I have planned myself and I know how consuming the details can be.  It will be great to have someone who shares my vision make sure everything is how I would like!

    If you are at all considering give her a shot!
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    I am using Maggie with Weekend Wedding Warrior.  I have planned every part of my wedding and have/will spend a lot of money for the big day so I want someone to take care of everything the day of and make sure my vision comes through.  I also did not want any family members or friends being responsible b/c they are my guests and I want them to enjoy their day.
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    I am so, so, so glad that I had a DOC.  I didn't have to worry if things looked right, people were in the right place, etc.  It was totally worth it to me to have.  I love Sunny Sky Events ([email protected]), but she was getting married the same day I did, so I didn't get to use her for my wedding.  She only charges $500 too, which is way cheap for all that she does. 

    Seriously, you need a DOC.  It was so awesome to just enjoy my wedding day and not have to answer any questions or deal with the details. 
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    You sound about like me. I have also done every bit of the leg work and wouldn't want to spend extra money. I think delegating certain tasks to family members is a great idea. I would first start off with the very little details to the larger ones. What you think you can't handle the day of (or don't want to so you can enjoy yourself) hand out to your bridesmaids, mother, aunts, friends, etc. They will be more than happy to help you feel stress-free. Good luck!

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    My daughter is working with Planned Perfection Events--  Stephanie Isbell MacDonald.

    She has  all of her vendors selected- so we will be having her manage the rehearsal and event that day. I also happen to be a vendor in a line of work that relates to the wedding industry- so I plan to just enjoy being mother of the bride that day. 

    We chose Stephanie because I have worked with her many times in the past. She was a perfect match for my daughter. I would highly recommend her to any bride and often do.

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