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Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on specific DJs who have used Complete Music in Lancaster? Thanks!

Re: Complete Music in Lancaster

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    We are using them for our wedding next week and just met with Jason to go over details.  He was very nice and open to our suggestions while also giving us his professional opinion on some things.  I've heard excellent reviews on him and Seth. 

    The only thing I don't like is that we have some non-traditional songs and they don't have them in their music library.  We have to provide them on CD.  I thought that if they didn't have them, they would get them - but that's not the case.  I wish I would have known that prior to 1 week before my wedding.
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    JOE BLEACHER-He is my best friend's FI and he has great personality and LOVES wut he does! If he wasnt in my wedding i would have him DJ!
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