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how to keep the motivation??

So I found THE PERFECT dress 1 1/2 weeks ago, and they said it sould be in in 12 weeks for the first fiting.  I have lost about 10 lbs ( mostly due to having a cold and no appetite) yay!!  I have been working out and eating better also.  Now that my cold is wearing off I am afraid I am going to slip back into my old eating habits.  I have about 10 weeks left to keep this up!! How do I keep the motivation ?

Re: how to keep the motivation??

  • Different techniques work for different people. Maybe posting pictures of your wedding dress will remind you what you're working for? Make it your desktop background, post a picture on the fridge, etc. Are you keeping track of your calories? Many people like using websites like, or I have an app on my phone that tracks calories. Good luck!!
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  • Keeping a food diary has been a big help for me. I also asked my FI to nag me if I start slacking off with my workouts, and that's definitely helped keep me on track.
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  • honestly, my dress is my motivation. ive put it on a few times here and there, and telling myself how much i love it (and how expensive it was) and that i NEED to fit in it on my wedding day!
  • I am actually the exerciser between my FI and I.  Its when we eat dinner together, we order out, etc.. he is not an exerciser, he doesnt have the time ( he works m-f 7-3:30 then goes right to school until 10:30 pm.  The weekend is the only time he has off and he is EXHAUSTED.  Not to mention he has home work to do. I work, then go to the gym m- thurs.  The problem is is Im good all week up until fri - sun ( when he is home ) I lose control! 
    How do you keep your focus when your FI affects your eating habits?
  • Put a picture of your wedding dress & a picture of what your goal is on your bedroom/bathroom mirror. I'm doing this same thing! It's so easy just to come home & crash on the couch after work...but it'll be so worth it to keep the workouts up!
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