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Engagement pics this weekend!

And I have no clue what to wear! We are doing them outside near Stetson University.  I included a link to where some of the photos will be taken to give an idea of location. I know E pics are going to be a personal as the couple being photographed but I do want a few ideas. Personally I want thinking jeans and a white shirt maybe a sundress =/ sooo unsure!
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Re: Engagement pics this weekend!

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    Do you get outfit changes? If so I think thats a good idea to do what you said.

    I wore a really nice t shirt and jeans to mine, and it was June in NYC - so I don't know how the weather is there but it was about 78 degrees. Above alllllll else make sure you are comfortable. That's why I picked a nice tshirt from the Limited and jeans - because we were walking and running and sitting on trees and stuff. I think its especially good to feel beautiful/comfortable at the same time because it will show up on your face in the photos. :) HAVE FUN! It was SOOOO much fun for us, I think you'll love it :)

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    We did a clothing change halfway through our photo session. To start we were in jeans and nice shirts, then we changed to something a bit dressier. We did ours in Sept. in Phoenix, and it was HOT!

    A few suggestions:
    Stay away from bold or busy patterns - try somewhat neutral tones.
    Wearing white may cause you to look washed out in photos.
    I'd keep jewelry simple, to minimize distractions.
    You can coordinate colors with your FI, but you don't want to be totally matchy matchy. ;)

    Here are a few of our e-pics. :)

    Hope that helps!
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    I wore a bright yellow skirt from Anthropologie, and it gave my photos a bit of a pop.  But then I ended up liking the black and white photos the best, so I would go with a style that looks great in black and white, as well.  Usually something with body and texture looks great.  It should reflect your personality.

    One thing I would recommend that I didn't even think of before taking photos.  Think of stuff to DO while taking photos.  My FI and I just stood around waiting for the photographer to tell us what to do.  Don't be afraid to just do your thing.  Go buy ice cream, ride a bike, throw leaves at each other, roll down a hill, etc... Too many of my photos were just doing the same pose like the photographer told us to do, and it got boring.
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    I planned on two outfits and then DH and I had a disagreement that morning and I was so flustered that I ended up forgetting my 2nd (more dressy) outfit.  Like other ladies said, wear something that you are comfortable in and have fun.  Here are some of my favorites from ours.

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    I wore a sundress because I love dresses! But definitely wear what you are comfortable in and what will lend itself well to your location/activities. It was SO much fun! You will love it!
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    FI lives in plaid like clothing, and it was summer so we did:

    And there's also a few of us hanging off stair rails and running up stairs and yeah - definitely be comfortable!!

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    all of your e-pics are sooo cute!!! 
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