Special Assignments for Good Friends NOT in the Wedding Party

Can anyone give good suggestions on parts of the ceremony or reception good friends of yours (who arent' in the wedding party) can do that is special?

We don't care about evening out our wedding party on both sides, but there are a couple of good friends of ours who aren't in it and we would still like them to participate somehow...
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Re: Special Assignments for Good Friends NOT in the Wedding Party

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    I've seen people use them as guest book attendants / handing out programs...

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    We had 2 friends perform readings at the ceremony
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    You can utilize any talents they may have (singing, etc.) - that's what we're doing.  We're only having a MOH and BM, so our other siblings and my best friend are singing at our wedding.

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  • erolliserollis member
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    I say singing, playing an instrument or doing a reading during the ceremony would be a great honor for any of your friends not in the wedding party. If they love poetry they could even read a nice poem about love.

    You can also have them as ushers. I am going to have the ushers keep an eye on the guest book also. I refuse to make someone stand by the guest book to make sure everyone signs it. I think that would be so boring.
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    You can include them in your "house party" -- thats what I'm doing. They will wear dresses similar to the bridesmaid but in their choosing (same color) and I'm having corsages made for them for them to wear. I will also include their names on the ceremony programs.

    Since this makes them feel more included -- I ask them for help with any thing and everything. Helping make decisions/picking stuff out, go with me to appointments that bridesmaids may or may not be able to make, shopping, errands, helping decorate the church and for the rehearsal dinner, help things flow at the wedding (guest book signing and escort card table duties), things like that. For the guys (my fiance's friends) -- they are ushers and helping out more at the church and handing out programs.

    I know with my girls -- including them in things other than just "assignments" at the ceremony/reception made them feel more included and much more a part of the wedding. :) Hope this helps!
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    thanks everyone... this really helped, i think we figured out a solution!
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  • stylinMDstylinMD member
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    You may also want to ask if they WANT to be included. I'm happy to help if needed, but getting assigned to some random job like the guest book is boring and I'd have more fun just being a regular guest.
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