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Things to do in St Louis??

My Fi and I will be in St Louis next weekend and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on things we should do and/ or specifically good places to eat. Cost is not an issue. We are staying downtown. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Re: Things to do in St Louis??

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    I highly recommend the zoo and the art museum in Forest Park.  Both are free and fantastic!
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    Oh, shoot.  Forest Park, Zoo, Art Museum, Science Center, History Museum, City Museum, Anheuser Busch tour, Arch tour, Blues game, Botanical Gardens...  If you're into nightlife there's the Loop, Central West End, the Landing, Washington Ave...

    As for food, definitely Imo's Pizza.  St. Louis-style is the best.  :)  And pretty much anywhere on The Hill is good.
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    While your at Forest Park grab lunch atthe boat house!
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    If cost isn't an issue you should eat at Tony's downtown.  Definitely have a lemon drop martini- they freshly squeeze the lemons and blend delicately with powdered sugar and citron vodka.  

    I'd also recommend cocktails at the City Museum- it is very interesting to walk around there and it is 21+ on Friday and Saturday nights, they also usually have live music.  This is close to Washington Ave., which has a really fun bar scene.  I recommend The Dubliner and Flannery's (and Hair of the Dog if you like dive bars with jello shots!).  For food, Wasabi has good sushi and Lucas Park Grille has good local/ seasonal stuff.

    During the day I'd also recommend Forest Park- if the Zoo isn't your scene then go to the Art Museum or the Missouri History Museum.  

    Finally, for another night, I'd go to the Central West End and drink infused vodkas and have sushi and/ or sliders at SubZero.  
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    [QUOTE]While your at Forest Park grab lunch atthe boat house!
    Posted by bridetobemo[/QUOTE]

    This.  And if the weather's nice enough, you can take a paddleboat out on the lake. 
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    No to Imo's pizza! (not to offend anyone, but it seems like one of those things that isn't well-liked unless you've grown up eating it). If you are interested in pizza, Pi is a great place to go... Obama himself likes it!
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    I would definitely do the AB Brewery tour, because who can pass up free beer? I second the Boat House in Forest Park..if not to eat, then to take the paddleboats out as long as the weather is good. If you like Italian food, you gotta to to the Hill...oh, and Baily's Chocolate Bar. One of my faves =)
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    I have to agree about the St. Louis style pizza. I grew up in PA and have only lived in St. Louis for three years and I hate St. Louis style pizza, but I love everything else about St. Louis Cool
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