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What's the etiquette on starting a registry early and pointing people there for engagement gifts? I've had a few people suggest that my FI and I register now (just got engaged, wedding is in June 2012) so people can choose from there if they want to buy us an engagement gift, but part of me feels like that rude on our part. What is everyone else's take? Is it rude/presumptuous to register in case we get engagement gifts, or does it take the guess work out for people??

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  • We were asked the week we got engaged about if we were registered or would be. At that time I told people that asked that we would be registered at BBB within the month. We are now and the save the dates just went out. The registry info is on the website and we have notified family members of where we are registered in case some people are not internet savvy

    Once you start a registry more than 6 months from the wedding it is a good idea to check it monthly at least to see if items were discontinued, at that time you may want to reselect or make sure you buy them for yourself if you truly love them.
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  • i did my full registry last summer. i havent really had an issue of thigns being discounted with exception of a few things. The day I registered I had things begin to come off. Thigns came off for christmas. Things came off for our birthdays. Im so thankful I registered early.

    My time line is about the same as yours. Engaged May 2010. Registered July 2010. Marrying August 2011
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    It depends on your friends/family. We didn't get a single engagement gift, so we're just now starting our registry because I don't have dates for 2 showers I've been offered, and I don't want to end up doing it last minute.
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