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Priest is leaving...

Im so upset. The priest that we were hoping to marry us is being re-assigned to a different Parish. We've become close to this priest and we just recently learned that he will be leaving in July (to Mexico). I guess every 10 yrs or so the priest get new assignments and he's just received his. Im just a lil bummed about it cuz the new priest thats coming in used to be a deacon at our parish and hes a lil on the strict side. Apparently he's goin to be the one thats goin to do our wedding. I guess I'll just have to get over it (which I will eventually). Sorry so long I just had to vent a little. :/

Re: Priest is leaving...

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    You can stil have the other priest perform your wedding ceremony, but he would have to get permission from the current priest and check with his new schedule.
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    You can still have another priest do it if you find someone you like better (and can't afford to fly the other priest back from Mexico). Ask relatives if they know anyone that could do it instead?

    We are having our wedding at FI's home church in CO (we live in NV). I've been to one of his masses, and he just drags things out like no tomorrow...but he's going to be out of the country for our wedding so we're getting some other guy that's going to be shipped in. We won't meet him until the rehearsal the day before! Ack.
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    Yeah having our current priest come back in from Monterrey, Mexico isn't an option for us or for him. He said he wouldn't be able to even though he would like to. The other priest we were close to went to Notre Dame and wouldn't be able to come back to Phx either so we have to settle on the new priest coming in. He hasnt been to our parish in 2 yrs so maybe he's not so strict anymore? Idk...I just have to get over it I guess. I knew this was coming to where he would be given a new assignment I was just hoping it'd be after our wedding.
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    Gardenia: I hope the best for you and hope this priest you dont know isnt so bad and all goes well for your wedding!
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    In Response to Re: Priest is leaving...:
    [QUOTE]Gardenia: I hope the best for you and hope this priest you dont know isnt so bad and all goes well for your wedding!
    Posted by Iluvev85[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for your hopes! I'm kind of holding my breath about it! Not that I can change it at all lol
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    I hope and pray that it will work out for both of you.

    Llueve, I'm curious as to what parish you belong to -- PM me or post if you are willing to share the information.
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