I have a new love..

and it's called vistaprint! I took advantage of those spend $10, get $50 groupons a while ago and ordered invitations today. Invitations with regular envelopes, inner envelopes with the matching design, response cards with envelopes and two sheets of address labels..$70! It was kind of a pain buying each thing separately, but so so worth it!

My other exciting tidbit..I bought the labels with the intention of using them on our RSVP and thank you envelopes. It hit me that when I send out post-wedding thank you cards I won't have the same last name! I ordered one sheet as Mr. and Mrs. and it was an awesome feeling. I get so caught up in planning every now and then that I forget the end result of it all, something like that really brings it back into focus!

Re: I have a new love..

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    That's exciting about the names on the labels.  And congrats on getting the invites sorted out, a big check. 

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    I have placed so many VP orders.  I have an email from Black Friday that I still use with a ton of free offers that still work.  I bought a bunch of personalized stuff for people for Christmas too.  Definitely an addiction that could get expensive after a while haha!

    My "omg" realization came last week when I was buying a birthday card for Eric.  I was standing there and realized that next year I'll be able to buy a husband card.  That was kind of the first "holy crap" moment I had.  When I told him about it, he said he had the same feeling when he was buying me a V-Day card this year.
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    I also love Vistaprint.  I've used them several times for business and they were excellent.  I also saved the company quite a bit of money!
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