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Second Weddings

To wear something on my head....or not?

We're having a quite laid back wedding - taking place at a small wine bar, family and friends surrounding. Given that it's my second wedding, I'm definitely not getting myself wrapped up in the "must haves" of bridal life.

But as time gets closer, I'm wondering if I'll look back and wish I'd had a veil or some kind of headpiece. I keep looking at things and then changing my mind. I'm not sure what would work.

Any other second time brides feeling strange about having a veil? What do you think? Do I need something? A veil or headpiece of some sort?

Here's the dress:

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Re: To wear something on my head....or not?

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    I wasn't feeling the veil, although plenty of SW brides do.  I bought hair jewels -- from Claire's (!!!) and loved them. 
    Yes, me and the other pre-teens were shopping at Claire's.  :P  ~Donna
  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin
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    LOL Donna........love Claire's and Icing, but yes, I'm ready to pull out my AARP card while I'm there.

    MarcyLT, I think your dress is gorgeous, but based on your description of the event, I'd think a veil would be a bit much. I've seen tons of lovely rhinestone combs, headbands (satin with rhinestones), feather flowers, etc. You could do a small birdcage veil if you wanted.

    If you have Claire's or Icing near you, try there. Also, Forever 21 has some really pretty headpieces, my 16 daughter (MOH) got a great headband there in black and they have a lot in white or cream. This is the time to look because it's prom & wedding "season".

    This is what my daughter bought (but then she's majoring in art, LOL)

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    Also check out Etsy.com - for hair pieces.  Lots of great stuff and ideas out there.
  • vexievexie
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    Oh yes.. that's a gorgeous dress!  I think it would look great with a flower/feather hairpiecee!
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    I'm having a similar dilemma.  It's my 2nd time and I'll be 36 when we say, "I Do."  My fiance is only 31 and this is his first wedding.  We are going to do a simple, but elegant ceremony at my aunt and uncle's beautiful home in Sedona, AZ.  That will be followed by a sit down lunch, also at their home.  I've picked out a grecian type of gown that I feel is understated and still very bride-like.  I think I would feel funny wearing a veil, but I would still like to wear some kind of piece in my hair.  Your dress is definitely fancier than mine.  I think a head piece of some sort would be appropriate for you, but I'm going to say "no" to the veil.  It just feels too young for me and probably for you as well.  Best wishes!
  • MikesAngieMikesAngie
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    I wore a single layer, mantilla styled veil for our wedding - my mom insisted and it was also the first time I had ever worn a veil.

    I was going to opt for hair jewels or flowers until my mom kept asking about it. So I can understand your point.  If you are crafty and creative you could also make your own...
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    I ultimately decided not to wear a veil. I was going to wear a birdcage but in the end I didn't wear it because it just looked horrible on me.
    I wore my hair up with a few beautiful hair pins that matched the dress.

    Good luck, gorgeous dress you chose, I love it!!!
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    i'm struggling with this tto.  don't know what i will end up doing.  we're doing the whole semi-formal wedding thing, so in the end, i think it might look a little strange without the veil. 

    at least he's ok w/me using my veil from my last wedding....  :)
  • gosuzygosuzy
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    I had a veil the first time. I have no desire to wear one the second time around. I just want to wear a flower in my hair - an orchid or hibiscus or whatever goes with the dress I end up choosing.
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    I'm personally wearing a veil, but try a tiara, headband/circlet or maybe a really pretty comb or hairclip you love. You don't HAVE to wear a veil if you don't want to, but I'd at least wear SOMETHING in your hair. :)
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