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Invite help

Ladies, what are your thoughts..

I am going over our guest list iwth FMIL now and she has tons of family that she wants to invite but we just cant afford to invite them for dinner (FI and I are paying for it all by our selves) however she suggested we invite them for Dancing and cake only...

have any of you heard of this? Is this rude? How would I word the invitation
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Re: Invite help

  • As far as I understand, yes- it is very rude to do that! Are these people really essential? You may just have to put your foot down and tell her no. If you can't afford it and she's not chipping in it's her tough luck.

    FIL's have large families and FI Grandmother invited 12 extra people we don't know (because the wedding is at the golf club they belong to,) but they are also understanding of the costs and are chipping in proportionately!
    Break down the costs each of these people would add to your wedding and then let her SEE how much of a burden it is for you. Atleast you can shoe her you thought about it... Best of luck!
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  • Rude and Tacky.. I would never think to do that just like inviting people you didn't plan to invite a few weeks before since you are getting RSVP cards back of no's.. I was that person that someone TEXTED and said hey sorry we couldn't invite everyone at first but since people are not coming we can invite you..
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    Yes, this is rude.  How would you feel if someone in your family didn't invite you to witness their vows and only to the reception?  It is seen as gift-grabby.  If you aren't able to invite them to both the ceremony and reception, don't invite them at all.

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  • Yes very rude.  It makes some people feel like they are more important than others.

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    It's really rude to do this. Invite those you can afford to your WHOLE wedding.

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