anyone use a ULC minister in Maine?

Hi everyone,

My friend is getting married in Maine this June (Camden) and I have been asked to perform the ceremony. To do this, I became ordained as a minister with the Universal Life Church (quick online ordination). I am feeling a bit paranoid about this. Can anyone reassure me that this will fly in Maine, and do you have any tips/suggestions for making the legal process go smoothly?



Re: anyone use a ULC minister in Maine?

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    Oooh, I can't, but my brother is trying to do the same thing to perform our ceremony.  I'd love to hear some answers!

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    A quick google search turned this up:

    I would just call the Clerk for the town they are getting the license from to confirm that you meet the requirements:

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    I did this for a friend in Vermont. Jilly Bean is right - call the town clerk to see what needs to be done, and the sooner the better. When I called the town offices in Rutland a couple of months before my friends ceremony, they told me the person I needed to sign off on it was going on vacation for 6 weeks, and leaving that week. If I had called any later - my friend and I would have been stuck!!
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    I'm getting married in Maine in September and just got a good friend ordained as well!  I am calling the town clerk tomorrow but I'm pretty sure it is fine.  If anything, you may need proof of ordination which you can get on the ULC website after you become ordained.
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    I called the State, office of vital records. I spoke with Samantha, and she said that while they aren't an advocate of the online registrations, they will accept them. I asked her to give me an example of a site they do accept and she said Universal Life Church. So don't stress, it'll be ok :)
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