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drunk busses and stationary stores Albany/Saratoga

Does anyone know the names of some shuttle companies that I could start calling for a shuttle to and from our recpetion?  Something relatively inexpensive if possible but this is important to us that we have one so if some extra money has to be spent then at least we dont have drunk drivers.  We figure if we're paying for an open bar people should be able to enjoy it with the worries of getting back to the hotel.  My fiance is in the Navy so maybe someone knows of a company that offers military discounts off hand.  I can of course do this myself but if others have investigated I thought I would ask.

Also anyone know of stationary type stores in the area that might carry a variety of wedding invitations?  I live in malta so i could go north or south.  I used to live in the seattle area and had the store all picked out for invitations if I was engaged out there but of course we moved back here and now I dont know where the good stores are.  (I grew up here but never needed a stationary store besides staples lol so Im a bit out of touch with the area for this).   I tried all the big box stores and didnt find what I wanted.

Sorry so long.... thankyou if anyone can help me out!

Re: drunk busses and stationary stores Albany/Saratoga

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    For drunk buses we used Yankee trails.  They were very nice and reasonably priced.  We also checked out Brown Bus and Wade Tours.  As for a stationary store I'm of no help.  I made our invitations!  HTH!
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    Thanks... I didnt even think of Yankee trails, I will give them a call!
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    You might want to call Premier Transportation or check out there website:
    I have a lot of people that are coming from out of town, and a lot of guests that want to stay at the hotel, simply because they heard I was providing shuttle service, and they wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving.  Bottom line:  It's about $633.00 for a 27 passanger mini coach with both tax and gratuity.  They'll make as many "runs" as they can fit in the allotted time frame (usually 1 hr prior to ceremony/reception and 1 hour back to hotel).  Either way, I figure it's a drop in the bucket considering the emotional cost of having a DWI on your consience or worse.
    As for Stationary, I would Call A.V. Costa.  They are located in Troy.  We just went last week for our invitations.  They have a bunch of other stuff there too, like favors, attendant gifts, jewelry, etc..   Plus it's a small business where you get super personal attention.  They've been around for quite a while. 
    Hope this helps :)
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    Very helpful.... I was thinking about spending 550 if I could on a shuttle (obviously not knowing yet what it would cost) and 633 isnt far off... our location is on 4 miles away from the hotel so they could make at least 2 trips.  This sounds good too!!! Thanks.

    I was thinking abiout visitin a friend in troy soon so I might just check out that place, thankyou for your help.
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    We used Wade Tours and Premier Limo (info in bio) for our transportation needs.

    Normally I'm one to say stay local but for wedding invites I'd check out some of the websites like
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    There is a nice stationary store in Saratoga that I stopped at and browsed book after book after book.  For the life of me I can not remember the name of the store, however it is on the street that runs parallel to Broadway (the one that Ben & Jerry's is on).  They were at a Bridal show I went to and were nice when I went in there.
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    Thanks.... I actually just got all my stuff for invites between Staples and cardsandpockets and Michaels... I just decided I have a little time to get them together Ill do it myself.  I may have to stop in there though when I look into program stuff.
    Where on that street? Im picturing it and Ive walked that street so many times and cant seem to figure out where it would be... I can always drive down there and find it :)
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    Here's the info I just got.
    Premier Transportation ($60 per hour for transportation on all shuttles after that hour/ no charge to get the shuttle from Albany to Saratoga)
    20 people  shuttle - $575 + gratuity 
    27 passenger shuttle = $625 + gratuity
    30 passenger shuttle + $$675 + gratuity

    Upstate Tours (located in Saratoga - no taxes/ NO extra charge if you go over the hour)
    28 passenger = $400
    40 passenger = $470  It's white and looks like a school bus but it has motor coach seats and is air-conditioned.
    55 passenger = $665

    Today's Limos (He originally gave me prices for one way.  If you need extra time it's extra 1/2 hour - 110 for the Hummer etc.)
    20 passenger Hummer (H2 SUV) $220 a trip so both ways it's $440
    20 passenger ford excursion SUV = $195 =$390
    28-30 Limo bus $325 = $650

    Wade Tours includes restroom and air-conditioning / based on 8 hours.
    47 passenger = $525 + $700 for any extra time
    55 = $625 

    Yankee Trails
    47 passenger =  $625 = gratuity

    Northeast  (will get back to me)
    15 passenger
    24 passenger

    Brown Bus
    (will get back to me)
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    WOW very helpful... you all have been great thanks!!
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    YAY thanks for everyones help we are booked with a limo and a drunk bus!  I have my stationary materials for invites.... WOO HOO Im getting lots checked off :)
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    Yeah we're using Yankee Trails as well. We have 2 buses going back and forth for $1000 for 6 hours. Pretty good deal I thought. This is in Albany. 
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    The stationary store is on Henry St. in Saratoga, near Tiz Now, called Paper Dolls.
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