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I need a florist!

 I have a bit of a problem!  I need a good, cheap florist!  I have met with a couple and ALL 4 are coming in over my budget ($2k).  I really thought I’d be able to hire someone for under $2,000 as I will have the reception and ceremony at the same location and will have 130 guests.  I spoke to a florist who said she’d work with my budget after meeting with her she sent me a quote for $2648 – I really don’t want to go over my original amount.  Any referrals? 

Re: I need a florist!

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    Call Kim at the Enchanted Florist in Burbank. She is a sweetheart and will totally work with your budget.
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    Commerce Flowers is great!  They are going to do my wedding and they have made the centerpieces for a work holiday dinner that were a hit with the employees and their spouses!  I'm working with Eddie and he is amazing!  Good luck!
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    Go to Commerce Flowers! I worked with Duke and he was great! At first he gave me a quote of 3500 but i told him my budget and worked with it...i ended up paying about 1600 and the flowers were beautiful.  I have better review on my wedding bio under 'vendors' and I also have picture of my flowers. GL HTH!
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    If things don't work out with Commerce Flowers, we used Accent on Design. ( Kanani was AWESOME!!! We gave her our budget which was less than yours and she totally worked with us. She was super friendly and helpful, and we had beautiful flowers.

    This is my bouquet

    These were our centerpieces. Nothing huge or fancy because a) our venue was just so beautiful b) we didn't want to allocate a ton of our budget to flowers. But these were exactly what we wanted--simple, elegant, beautiful.

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    Grand Florist in Glendora. Speak with the owner. She is wonderful. Its a beutiful flower shop and she worked within my budget. I buy flowers there throughout the year and have for many years and they always do amazing work.
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    marisolgm and vans18 are so right! I'm having the same experience with Duke! He came in over my budget and then worked with me to make it more affordable!
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    Thanks Ladies!  I ended up going with my favorite floral designer and adjusted a couple things....I'm still getting everything I want!  :)  The florist is Heavenly Blooms if anyone is looking for an awesome florist. 
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