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What colors are you ladies doing? Is the ceremony ad reception going to have the same colors or different?
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Re: Color palette

  • I had the same for both.  I think it depends on your venue(s) and how much planning you want to do.  The same colors worked in both the church and the reception venue, and I really wouldn't have wanted to design a second "look."
  • Well, I'm having two weddings and since the one in November will be held in SoCal, I was thinking of going for the fall color palette. But then Hindu weddings already revolve around bright oranges, reds, & gold, I was thinking of maybe changing it up? Hope that made sense. I think I'm opened to switching things up. Any ideas? :(
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  • Well... you could go with jewel tones for the So Cal wedding (which would incorporate fall colors), and then do more brights for the Hindu wedding.  I did royal blue, peacock, and orange for our US wedding, which was in November.  That way I could take advantage of the seasonal orange flowers and use deeper colors which I like without it looking overtly like Thanksgiving.  Our Indian wedding was saffron and bright pink with accents in typical Rajasthani bandej colors like red, yellow, and green.  I can't take credit since we bought a package, but I really liked the look.  You can see them in my bio.

    Since you're doing two weddings, two different color schemes makes sense.  After all, it has to go with the venues, outfits, etc.
  • My ceremony and reception color schemes are going to be different.  I wanted my colors to flow well with my outfits, but not exactly match them.  For my ceremony, I'm wearing a white and maroon lengha.  So my color scheme for the ceremony is maroon, peach, and white.  For the reception, I'm wearing a turquoise and peach lengha.  So the color scheme for my recpeption is going to be light blue, white, and some hints of peach.  We're also having an outdoor spring wedding so I thought those colors would work well with our setting.

    What are your favorite colors?  Maybe you could incorporate some of your favorite colors in your color scheme(s).  My favorite is turquoise and I definitely wanted to wear turquoise so I tried to pick a color scheme that would flow well with turquiose. 
  • For our wedding in the States, we did all the bright pinks, red, yellows and oranges (but I put my Scandinavian bridesmaids in blue dresses) and then went all out with those colors at the reception.  For the Hindu wedding, I went totally with what my MIL picked.  It was beautiful!  Purply/pink sari and then blues and pinks for decorations and flowers. 

    If you are doing them in different locations, I think you can do whatever you want.  But if you're doing to do everything in one place, you may want to coordinate more.  Even do the 2 color schemes, but just figure out what colors might carry between them.
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