12/10/11 Vendor Reviews, Pt. 2

Cake: Oak Mill Bakery
Recommendation: Highly recommend
Review: Oak Mill's cake was included in our wedding package, so honestly I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about the cake.  We had a tasting, selected our flavor and design, and then didn't think about it again until the wedding day.  The cake looked gorgeous, and Oak Mill was kind enough to care for and place my husband's grandparents' cake topper on our cake.  I really only took the one bite that we had while cutting the cake because the rest of the night got so busy, but from what I tasted, it was very good!  Oak Mill and Arrowhead saved the top layer for us, so I'm excited to try it again.

Hair/Makeup: Tamara Hair and Makeup
Recommendation: Recommend
Review: For myself, my mom, my mother-in-law, my aunt, and my bridesmaids, Tamara (the owner) did makeup and Sabrina did hair.  I was very pleased with the final outcome, but frankly the company's communication skills are awful.  It took forever to get any kind of response, and sometimes I wouldn't get a response to emails.  I know that the company is newer and is really taking off, so I think they are kind of in an adjustment period.  I would definitely recommend Tamara based on talent, but the lack of communication often had me second-guessing my choice.  So, for any brides looking to book, just beware that you may get a very delayed response, if any, to email.  Phone calls were slightly better, but not much.

Hotel block/Shuttle: Lisle/Naperville Hilton
Recommendation: Recommend with reservations
Review: I wasn't incredibly impressed with this hotel or the shuttle service...the shuttle almost left Arrowhead without myself and my new husband at the end of the night!  My brother-in-law had to literally yell at the driver to stop and wait for us to walk out of our reception.  Also, we were organizing and carrying out gifts/centerpieces/card box at the end of the night, and the shuttle driver came running upstairs, asking how much longer we were going to be.  The last shuttle pick-up was scheduled for midnight and it was 11:50 at that point.  So I was not happy about the shuttle service in general.  Also, my husband had a problem when he tried to extend our reservation to the night before the wedding as well.  So, it was fine in the sense that the rooms were nice, but overall I wasn't impressed with the experience.

Dress/Jewelry: Crystal Bride, Geneva
Recommendation: Highly recommend
Review: I worked with Heather, who I've raved about on here before.  I had a great experience with Crystal Bride, and would definitely recommend them.  My dress came in about a month later than I was originally told, but it wasn't a problem at all.

Veil: Sandra's Designs, Lombard
Recommendation: VERY HIGHLY recommend
Review: I worked with Paul at Sandra's Designs based on the referral of Heather at CB.  I could not have been happier with Paul and Sandra's.  Working with Paul is like visiting an uncle--he is so calm and friendly.  I had a piece of vintage lace from my grandmother that I wanted to turn into a veil, and Paul matched my vision to a T, and for a fraction (like, an insane fraction) of the price I would have paid anywhere else.  Paul even offered to meet me at the Crystal Bride during one of my dress fittings so that he could show me the veil with my dress, and then would sew the comb on and press the veil while I was having my dress fitting so that I wouldn't have to make a separate trip to him.  Amazing customer service!

Transportation: Naperville Trolley Company
Recommendation: VERY HIGHLY recommend
Review: The ONLY thing that my husband voiced an opinion on during wedding planning was that he really wanted a trolley.  We booked Naperville Trolley and loved the experience!  The trolley was clean, the driver knew exactly where he was going and was so kind, and not only was the driver on time on the wedding day, but he was early!  Can't beat that!

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