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Looking for advice on healthy skin...

I've got 6-8 months to get my skin back into shape! I'm 24 I've got new acne from hormonal changed, and it's also just less smooth and even toned. I've never had to do much to my skin before. What simple things can help get my skin back into shape? What did you do pre-wedding?

Re: Looking for advice on healthy skin...

  • I don't have any recommendations for good products... but I will say that simple things can go a long way like cutting out/reducing salt intake, drinking lots of water... etc.

  • See my below post. I'm looking into purchasing one of these, I heard they are great!
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  • Oh yeah... ESIAK or flor essence teas for a cleanse about 2 months before the wedding will make you glow... then once a morning .  It's amazing... get it at a health food store .
    Old fashined bitter herbs... gets all the crud out of your system.  
    But do NOT start too late because it does clean toxins held in the dermal layer out via your pores, so some minor break outs are normal the first week or two... after that however you will be smoothe and beautiful. 
  • Facials & peels! Best thing you could possibly do for your skin. :)
  • Peels do help a lot
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