Packing List! What did you wish you brought?

Hi Ladies, I'm starting to look at my packing list for our october wedding/trip to maui. Is there anything you wish you had brought but either forgot or just didnt think of? It could be anything.... like you wish you brought more sun dresses, more work out clothes or blotting papers for the big day (I just thought of this one, good thing, I dont want a shiney face on the big day!)

thanks girls!

Re: Packing List! What did you wish you brought?

  • Don't forget some longsleeve shirts or a warm sweater! It's Hawaii so everyone thinks hot/warm weather, but some areas can actually be cold and windy, especially at night. Keep in mind too the plane ride and restaurants where they tend to blast AC to an uncomfortable freeze.
  • Good one! THANKS!
  • I wished I had packed a winter jacket so I wasn't freezing my buns off when we went to go watch the sunrise on top of Haleakala.  Other wise I wished I packed more bikinis.  I had two sets, wish I packed 2 more.  I spent more time in strapless rompers than anything else.  Good luck on your packing list.  Mine was just what was really needed so I wouldn't have to travel with so much.  Anything else I bought on the island at costco, K-mart or walmart.
  • Hi Allison, I've been thinking about what to pack too.  We'll have to compare notes closer to date.  

    So far, I've gotten a few new casual dresses, a pair of Tom's and a pair of Olukai sandals for walking around in.  I plan on bringing a few pair of my Lululemon shorts and tanks, some casual tops to be paired with a few pairs of my fav JCrew city shorts.  Oh and the LLL Scuba hoodie to go watch the sunrise in.  I'm a very casual gal so I'll either be in casual summer dresses or tank/shirt & shorts.  Plus I'm really going to try hard to pack light so I can bring stuff home.  
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  • Jenn, can you pack for me too?? Sounds like you have it all planned! go you :)
  • Agree on the warm clothes for Haleakala.  All I had was my Lululemon hoodie anda  pair of jeans and I was FROZEN.  Also, I wore more sundresses than shorts....I'm not much of a dress wearer, but it was so hot, I didn't feel like putting on shorts.

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  •  Surprisingly I didn't forget anything, but here are some of the things I brought. 

    A floppy hat for laying out at the beach or pool. 
    A small collapsible cooler (It's the one I take to work) to keep stuff cold if we decided to take a drive or hike, like the road to Hana.  
    Wine bottle opener that also was a beer bottle opener (we bough local beer and wine to keep in our room for lanai lounging) and the Mr. and Mrs. coozies my co-workers gave us (lots of condensation). 
    Lots of bikinis. They took a while to dry on the lanai with the humidity. 
    I found sundresses to be more comfortable with the humidity as well. 
    Our portable GPS.

    We also bought a travel luggage scale so we wouldn't be surprised at the airport. (We traveled between Maui, Kauai, and Oahu)
  • I have no idea what my packing list even was anymore, but my 1 suggestion is to take a giant box and put it in the corner of one of your rooms.  Any time you buy something, think of something, etc that you intend to bring, drop it in the box.  Programs, rings, lingerie, clothes, sunscreen, WHATEVER.  You'll be so thankful for this when it comes time to the night before you leave and 99% of what you needed was in there :)

    BTW, you will want *way* more than a LLL Scuba Hoodie for Haleakala.  I'm talking full on multi-layering heat plan if you're planning to get there early enough to snag a prime spot to capture the sunrise on camera.  You'll be waiting at least 20-30 minutes before the sun cracks, and when you're just standing still, the cold seeps in very quickly.

    Ooh - comfy shoes.  If you're wearing heels at the wedding, you'll want a reasonable pair of flats the next morning for any brunch / luau activities you may be hosting.  Your feet will hurt after 8 hours of standing and dancing in heels, no matter how seasoned a walker you are!

    Also, it's super convenient to get to Walmart / Target / Costco / ABC store for most things you'd forget, so don't stress too much.
  • i just remembered something that I almost forgot to add to my pack list.  Either a robe or a button down shirt to wear on the day of your wedding while you're getting your make up and hair done so you don't mess anything up when you change into your wedding dress.
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  • Tanq great suggestion, I do have a special draw in one room where I keep throwing everything when I think about it! I just threw my ski thermals in there for the sunrise trip, they are light to travel with but very warm so that should work! And jenn, I've benn looking all over for a coral button down linen shirt to go with white linen pants to get ready in....no luck yet! If not I do have a strapless dress I can wear :)
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