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Help - oahu florists!

Our wedding is 4 1/2 months away and we don't have a florist yet!!!

The ones I have contacted lately are all booked for our date... I waited too long I guess! 

These places said no:
TGIS Flowers

These places never got back to me/I'm still waiting:

Any recommendations, ladies??? I want to get this taken care of soon! TIA!

Re: Help - oahu florists!

  • machan2010machan2010 member
    edited December 2011
    Here are a few that I've heard of...no reviews though, sorry! 

    Always Flowers – www.alwaysflowers808weddings.com/aboutus.html" target="_blank">http://www.alwaysflowers808weddings.com/aboutus.html

    www.suvexpressionshawaii.com/suV3.html" target="_blank">

    Flower Farm Hawaii  - www.flowerfarmhawaii.com/" target="_blank">http://www.flowerfarmhawaii.com/

    Floral Inspirations www.floralinspirationshawaii.com/" target="_blank">http://www.floralinspirationshawaii.com/

    Spinning Web www.spinningwebflorist.com/" target="_blank">http://www.spinningwebflorist.com/

    www.yvonnefloral.com/" target="_blank">

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    who did you try to contact at watanabe? sometimes they are a little slow in responding, but i would try contacting rona directly (she handles all the wedding orders): rona [at] watanabefloral [dot]com

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    We used Always Flowers.  Great prices, great service, really quick at getting in touch and responding to emails.
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    Thanks for the post!  Don't feel so bad, I'm about 2 months out and I don't have a florist.  I'm waiting to hear back from a few that were mentioned above.  I went looking for lei's during my last visit to Hawaii and totally forgot about my bouquet!
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    Aww Nalu, thanks! Yeah leis are the easy part ;)

    Thanks ladies!!! I filled out all the request forms so hopefully someone will get back to me soon, with an open date! fingers crossed!!!
  • japnezdolljapnezdoll member
    edited December 2011
    I'm also using Always Flowers and Todd has been great so far!  He offers great recommendations on how to save money :)
  • FuturekochFuturekoch member
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    We are using Terrie Easley and dealing mostly with her daughter Jill. I chose them because she really respected our budget-and they helped with letting us use their bamboo arbor. One less thing to rent! Jill is easy to talk to. At times they do not get back to you as quickly as I wish, but a follow up call or email always does the trick. I hope that helps.
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    We went with Terrie Easley Designs.
    The flowers turned out fabulous, (if you saw my post with the link to my non-pro pics - plenty of pics of flowers in there)
    Jill was the only person to respond to my email in regards to florist, I contacted over 10 and she was the only one to bother writing back too me. She can be a bit of a slow replier so maybe if you give her a call. They are very reasonable priced and great at what they do!
    http://tinyurl.com/27hpnuk Christie & Daryl, May 10, 2010 - Paradise Cove, Oahu, Hawaii
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    I used The Blooming Pot and my flowers were gorgeous.  I had a small wedding- we had 3 bouquets (all orchids) and 5 table centerpieces (again orchids and limes).  I also got my wedding leis and hair flowers from them.  For my guest leis I ordered them from a shop in Chinatown the day before and picked them up the day of the wedding- way cheaper than the florist and they looked great too!
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    I absolutely would NOT recommend Always Flowers/Todd Oshiro.

    - Todd takes forever to respond to emails (weeks), even up to the date of my wedding.
    - Todd is very disorganized.  Because he took forever to respond, he couldn't get the details of my order straight.
    - He missed providing two parts of my order (details described below) which were pretty serious mistakes.
    - The way he handled messing up my order was very disappointing and frustrating.
    - I get a tremendous headache thinking back about how he messed up the flowers on my wedding day.  Every bride has so much to worry about and Todd will not provide you any assurance he will get things done right unless you go over every single detail with him before your event...if you can reach him.
    - Todd's store is a tiny little establishment next to an apartment building (a bit scary looking if you ask me).  If you want your flowers done right, don't contract with Todd.

    During my wedding ceremony, when I walked down the aisle, I was expecting two flower arrangements tied to the bamboo arbor at the altar.  These two flower arrangements were very clearly spelled out by Todd himself in my initial emails to him.  He very kindly noted at the time that he would be able to provide these two arrangements tied to the arbor and then take them down and re-use them as bouquet arrangements at the head table and buffet table.  However, during my wedding ceremony, he FORGOT that he would provide them at the ceremony to be tied to the bamboo arbor.  The arbor looked terrible in the pictures without the arrangements that Todd promised.

    Then for the reception, I requested that Todd provide 3 cylindrical shaped vases for the centerpieces.  I even provided a picture for him.  Two would be filled with "song of india" plants and the center would have a candle.  A week before my wedding, I email Todd at least twice to ask how much it would cost if he provided the candles for the third vase.  When Todd finally responded after repeated emails (and even an unsuccessful phone call) the price of the candles were too high, so I emailed back to tell him I would provide the CANDLES (not the vase).  Todd got confused and during my wedding reception, did not provide the third vase for the centerpiece.  If my coordinator didn't step in and find additional vases elsewhere, I would not have had a third vase to place my candles in.  What's disappointing is that the third vase was very clearly spelled out on the invoice and also in my emails to him.

    The day after the wedding, I called Todd to ask for a refund for the third vase he did not provide as his invoice price specified 3 vases and he only provided 2.  I spent the morning after my wedding listening to Todd whine for about 1/2 an hour about how my coordinator yelled at him.  After listening to him go on and on about how my coordinator yelled at him, he finally agreed he would be willing to provide a small credit for the 3rd vase he did not provide.  He did not even try to rectify the situation with the missing bouquets at the ceremony altar (which I feel is a bigger mistake).  I still have yet to see a "credit" issued to my credit card.  Given that Todd is so disorganized, I'm pretty sure I probably will never see a refund.  

    I am so glad that I had a wedding coordinator to handle Todd that day, otherwise, I'm pretty sure I would have totally lost it with Todd.

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