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Hi Everyone!

I just booked my wedding at Normandy Farms for June 2011!! Were having our ceremony at St. Stan's in Lansdale pa.  I was wondering if anyone else whose been married here , going to be married here or has been to a wedding had any helpful hints or advice on what to be aware of.

Curious about:
-Photographer (want someone who has worked Normandy)
- Dj's
-Sites nearby for photo's (I will definitely be using NF's grounds as well)
-Service from NF
-Food at NF

Any tips on anything would be great though!

Thanks! EZ

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    I was married at Normandy Farm last summer.  The people who will work best for you all depend on your style, personality, and (of course), budget.  I am 100% thrilled with the experience I had at Normandy...service was great, and the food was amazing.  Pics of everything are in my married bio, as well as vendor reviews. I was very, very pleased with every single vendor I used.

    Photos: Doug Burns, Candid Moments Photography (again, many of our wedding photos are in the married bio)
    DJ: Kim Alexander from No Macarena
    Florist: Leslie White, Whimsical Welcomes (works tons of weddings at Normandy every summer and much more reasonably priced than their in-house florist)

    We had our ceremony at NF and found the grounds there totally adequate for photos...which means unfortunately I can't help with that last question except to say that I'm pretty happy to have all our photos in front of the silos and barns and white walls there (which now have big sentimental value to us) rather than in some random pretty park.
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    Congrats on booking your venue!!
    I'm getting married at Normandy in October 2010. I'm so excited because the venue is gorgeous!

    -Florist: I'm using Rhoades Garden in North Wales. The wedding florist is Shannon and she has done a ton of weddings at Normandy. According to my mom their prices are really good. Shannon's making samples for us within the next month or 2 but she drew our pictures for me when I met with her and we went through a ton of pictures so she knew what I liked/didn't like- she's been great so far

    -Photographer: I'm going with a local photographer from my area. He's done other weddings at Normandy, but isn't one of the more well known on this board. His name is Erik and I can give you the name if you're interested

    - Dj's: I'm using a band from EBE Entertainment. But they have DJ's too. The guy I'm working with Jonathan, said they do a ton of stuff at Normandy and he said the staff at normandy  are always easy and great to work with.

    -Sites nearby for photo's: I agree with heather than I'll probably just use the Normandy grounds bc they have some great spots. And Heather has some awesome photos in her blog for you to get ideas! (love all your pics Heather!-especially the one in your profile and the one in front of the barn door!) My photographer said he's done weddings where they go across the street to the community college and take some pics

    -Service from NF: So far Dana and Patrice (the event people) have been amazing with answering any questions I've had so far. And even our sales person Dolly has been very responsive and helpful

    -Food at NF: We just had our tasting and I can honestly say I didn't have one thing that I didn't like. I'm a cake girl so that was important to me ;)

    Good luck with the planning!

    Siggy Challange: Me and my girls :)
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    Getting married there this June and everyone has been extremely helpful.  Using Valley Green Florist, less expensive than Rhodes and they do beautiful work.  Fran has been great to work with.  Using Marsella Studios out of Norristown, Ken Lee- GREAT work, has done weddings at Normandy Farm and highly recommended from a friend that is a DJ, Bob Cullum. 
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    [QUOTE] (love all your pics Heather!-especially the one in your profile and the one in front of the barn door!)[ /QUOTE]

    Aw, shucks!  Clearly I take no credit, as Doug Burns is the man. We got so many compliments on him day-o f(he's such a nice guy, so easygoing and unobtrusive) and when we got the photos back.  Really happy with how our pictures turned out.
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    Congrats on picking Normandy!  I just had my tasting at the end of January, and let me tell you- the food was AMAZING!  I can't really speak too much for the cake however- I beelined it to the ice cream bar (oops).

    Florist- Indefinatly Yours in Bensalem PA.  Cindy is so super sweet, and she knew excatly what I was looking for- even though I wasn't sure what I was looking for!

    Photog- Artistic Imagery in Bensalem PA.  At the last minute it was decided that my fiance and I would pay for the photog, so we AI because of their price and work.  They aren't the cheapest that we found, but the price for the work is really good!  Also, they have an agreement with Indefinatly Yours for a discount if you use both vendors ;)

    DJ- Pulse Enteraintment in Huntington Valley PA.   These guys are a little lesser-known, but so far we have been blown away with their sevice.  They are really easy to work with.

    We are also having our ceremony on the NF grounds.  I love the ease of having everything (ceremoney, reception, afterparty, hotel) all in one spot. 

    My biggest peice of advice:  when it comes for your tasting, RSVP early- the spots fill up quickly.  And don't eat for the rest of the day because there is A LOT of food!!
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    Thanks for all the advice! So helpful!
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