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Good morning!

We are planning a honeymoon to Maine in October 2012. As locals to a state I've never been to, but have always wanted to visit, could you please let me know how the weather is in October?

We love colder weather, which is why we picked to go North instead of South. We're looking at a cozy B&B in Bar Harbor. 

Are there still plenty of things to do in Maine in October??
Any suggestions??

Any help/tips/suggestions are extremely appreciated.
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Re: Maine Honeymoon

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    Hello! The weather in Oct is usally cool and crisp. Temps usually range from 50-65 or so degrees and can get pretty chilly at night. If you are looking at Bar Harbor, there is tons to due. Besides shopping and going to see the beach, you can go to Acadia National Park and go hiking, and see the foliage. I'd go early-mid Oct though as opposed to the end of the month because foliage peak here is usally mid October.
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    Personally, October is my favorite time in Maine. I currently live in Florida and I miss October the most.

    I second what shadorfml said about the weather. Cool and crisp. Occasionally it rains, but not much. Her list of activities is good too. You could also go apple picking (one of my favorite things to do in the fall in Maine). Summer is definitely the busiest tourist season, but mid-October, there is plenty to do again because all the "leaf-peepers" come for the gorgeous foliage. You won't see better foliage anywhere.
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    I am jealous that you're going to go to Maine in October! We're going there on our honeymoon in early August.
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    Bar Harbor is BEAUTIFUL you'll have to go to Acadia Nat'l Park. It's so pretty there. You could drive up Cadillac Mountain and be the first in the country to see the sunset. I love Bar Harbor. Do you like seafood? If yes, you'll need to have some. It's great. What about whale watching? I have never been but want to go soon! I am from Portland and we are thinking of going to Bar Harbor for a few days after the wedding (mini honeymoon). Have fun!
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