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Ugh!!! Obnoxious groomsman

FI's groomsman I have met in person twice. I don't much care for him. I added him on fb so we can keep I touch about wedding details. He is constantly degrading me for my religion and political beliefs on my posts. It's to the point I had to block him and just let FI deal with him. The best man isn't half that bad! If FI posted the same thing he probably wouldn't say a word! I fear I may need to be drunk my entire wedding vacation just to put up with him! I would love nothing more than to kick his a out of the wedding but I understand that is bad etiquette so I don't plan on doing it. Maybe he will decide not to rent a tux for Vegas and stay home because he hates me? I can only dare to dream.

Re: Ugh!!! Obnoxious groomsman

  • I'm sorry, it sucks that you have to deal with that drama. 

    I had a somewhat similar problem a few years back - people always have an opinion when you post about hot-button issues - so I have stopped posting anything regarding politics.  It's the easiest way to avoid arguments. 

    That said, if he is hurting your feelings, I think FI should have a talk with him.  Maybe he doesn't realize he's offending you. 

    Good luck! :)
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  • FI should for SURE talk to him about his behavior because that's ridiculous. He's his friend, so he should be the one to deal with him. 

    On the flip side, I was facebook friend's with my FI's cousin and he used to send me messages all the time insulting FI and complaining about how he doesn't hang out with him (gee I wonder why), and I said that I'm not getting in the middle of it and that if he truly has an issue to talk to FI about it. That was enough to make him shut up, so maybe respectfully saying something to him directly would do the trick too.
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  • I will talk to FI about the best wording to use to come off as respectful. I feel as though anything I say would be taken in an offensive manner and I don't want that. I might not like him but I would never ask FI not to see him because of it. I don't want it to have to come to that choice.
  • Thats ridiculous. I just don't understand how so many people in the world are so obnoxious.
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