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What a WEEK! (NWR)

I'm finally starting to recover from one of the toughest weeks ever.  We started off last Friday with a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday.  We had a blast -- until my dad called to tell us that our grandpa had passed away.  Then our flight home was delayed 5 hours, so instead of coming home at 8pm, we landed at 1am.  It took an hour to get a cab (our local airport is kind of stupid that way) so I got a whole 3 hours of sleep before work Monday.  Then we had the viewing Wednesday and funeral on Thursday.  I'm also fighting some sort of sinus thing, and just feel completely drained, physically and emotionally.  When it rains, it pours, huh?

Re: What a WEEK! (NWR)

  • That does suck. :( I'm so sorry about your grandpa: T&Ps heading your family's way. And I get the sick thing (I'm always sick because of a weak immune system) so T&Ps for that too. And it always seems to pour when it rains, plus hail and high winds to knock it all around but it'll die down sometime.

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  • I think its been a crazy week for all of us then. We started out with a stomach virus spreading through the family at the beginning of last week. Then wednesday we had some bad wheather come through and a tree fell on my familys camp we own like four hours away so we traveled up there to try and get that all fixed up. I got a call at 9pm friday to tell me my future SIL was on her way to the hospital to have her baby so I drove all the way home to meet everyone at the hospital only 10min before the baby was born. Then had a baby shower yesterday for a cousin. Plus I had to fit work and school in there. I was so glad I had today off I could just relax and take a breather.
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  • Jenny- so sorry to hear about your grandpa! thoughts and prayers to you and your family!  I hope you feel better!

    Tigergirl- those stomach virus' are the worst!  glad you were able to rest yesterday after all of that!

    This week for me will be a bit crazy as I will be moving this weekend and I haven't even started packing yet!!
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  • Thanks all for the well wishes.  I hope we all have a much better week ahead of us!
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