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April 2012 Weddings

Ceremony Musician Question

Question: Those who are having musicians for the actual ceremony, are they attending the rehearsal also for a run through? I want my musicians to attend the rehearsal since they are providing the processional music but wasn't sure if it is what typically occurs.

Re: Ceremony Musician Question

  • Good question! I asked myself this question this morning on my way to work. I think I'm going to ask him what he usually does.
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  • My musicians are really close friends and since they are driving from TN, if they want to come they can, but I know that they will have been traveling a long distance so if they can't make it, they have done a ton of weddings and know what to do :)
  • That is a good question haha...so didn't think about that
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  • Typically, if the hired musicians are not personal friends of yours, they do not go to the rehearsal.  They have probably done dozens, if not hundreds, of ceremonies, and therefore do not be at the rehearsal.  If there are certain pieces that you want them to play at certain times, be sure to tell them that before the wedding.  (email or whatever).  If they are personal friends, then maybe they will if you ask them!  I have played a lot of weddings, but I have only been to one rehearsal, and it was for a close friend of mine that I was doing a favor for.  When I am hired as a musician, I do not attend rehearsals.

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  • Mine were going to charge me $50 to attend the rehearsal, so I opted out of it.  They say they don't normally go.  I will have recorded music for the rehearsal so we can practice to the music.
  • My musician is coming from California and not arriving until the day of our wedding, so nope, he won't be at the rehearsal. Neither will our officiant actually.
  • All my musicians will be at rehearsal and i am so excited bc i can see it all come together. My hard work.

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