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Correcting Spelling of Name? (kinda long)

So I have always have people spell my name wrong my whole life. It is a common name, spelled not the most common way, but it is definitely not unheard of. It's never really bothered me, but now that I am trying to make professional connections, it's kind of a problem. For example: I did a job shadowing a week or two ago for a day. My name was spelled incorrectly on the agenda for the morning meeting (my introduction). I didn't think much of it. But when I emailed my contact (the head of the department) to thank him afterwards, he spelled my name incorrectly in the email. My signature on my emails clearly states the correct spelling. Is this something I should correct people on? If I ever want to have professional contact with him in the future or need him to recommend me to someone, it would look bad if he can't even spell my name correctly. If it is something I should correct people on, what is an appropriate time and way to do it? Just looking for some opinions! Thanks in advance.
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Re: Correcting Spelling of Name? (kinda long)

  • ravenrayravenray member
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    I also have a first name that is commonly misspelled.  So is my last name for some odd reason.  I always correct people.  But I am also really anal about people spelling my name wrong.  I think if you are in a setting where your name is important I would correct people.  Or sometimes I spell my name for people just so they don't do it wrong.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I had people calling me at least 3 of the wrong names all my career (same first and last letter of the name). When I was starting my career I got a bit wrapped around the axle about it but now I just laugh. If it is in person when I get called the wrong name//company/job title/specialty I just correct them politely with a happy little laugh about it being a common mistake.

    If I see it written wrong I try and get it corrected on meeting notes by speaking directly with the person writing them. On any correspondance I simply sign my name with correct information and hope that they just check that next time.

    All that said- as I became known in my career people don't make those mistakes as often. You'll be fine... don't worry about the spelling too much.
  • leia1979leia1979 member
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    I completely understand the issue. My name is not that common, and there's no universal spelling (I really hate giving my name at Starbucks). I get annoyed when people misspell my name in email since my name is in the email address. I perceive it as a lack of respect because I try very hard to spell other people's names right (in reality, I'm sure it's just laziness).

    When it's just in a random email, let it slide. Make sure you sign your name at the bottom of the reply and hope they realize their error. I think it is worth correcting on a document or something that will go to a larger group. If you do correct someone, speak to or email the one person publishing the document directly.
  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    I would correct people with the spelling of your name. People tend to spell my name incorrectly constantly. I had a teacher throughout highschool who got it wrong all year, no matter how many times I or other students corrected him. I'll let it slide at times, such as if they spell it wrong at Starbucks, but most of the time I make sure they have to right. If I'm on the phone I offer to spell it.
  • Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    My name gets butchered all the time.  It doesn't just get mispelled -- it gets completely changed.  I've never understood what's so hard about it, so I get your frustration.

    If it's just a casual contact, though, I generally just ignore it.  If it's someone I'm going to be in touch with a lot, and they will be putting my name on something important (like an HR file, bank account, etc.), then I correct them.
  • Beads921Beads921 member
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    People frequently mis-spell my first name, and mis-pronounce my last name (and if they pronounce it right, they spell it wrong). I can't win. But I don't care all that much either. It is what it is.
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    My first name is not very common - Belinda - and people mess it up constantly. I am so used to it that all I can do is roll my eyes. When I'm on the phone, people hear my name as Brenda, Barbara, Melinda, Melissa and, most recently, Elizabeth. In those cases, I just laugh and say, "No, it's Belinda, with a B." If they still don't get it, I spell it ("B as in bravo, E as in echo, L as in Lima...").

    I had a boss once at a temp job, an elderly man who was going deaf, and he called me "Cassie" for some reason. I never corrected him on that, I figured losing your hearing was bad enough. 

    Does your name have a celebrity or high-profile counterpart? When I tell people my name, usually those who are older than me, I say, "Belinda - like Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go's." That seems to stick with them.

    At my new job, my supervisor spelled my name without the "e" for 2 weeks before he finally said, "I just realized I've been spelling your name wrong. I'm so sorry!"

    What's worse is, I have a hyphenated last name (not my choice - my mom's). At my college radio station, the old GM, no matter how many times I corrected him or sent him emails with my name in it, he still flipped flopped the two names. That pissed me off more than anything. 

    Let this be a lesson that your child's frustration is not worth giving them a "yooneek" name spelling, am I right?

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    Oh yes, both my first and last name are constantly mispronounced or misspelled. I've been called Catalina, Caroline, etc. My name is fairly common but since I am Hispanic it is pronounced differently. Also my last name has been mispronounced as piano, and people tend to assume every n in pronounced with the ~ on top. So that is always a fun one... My nickname is Nina and I don't know how many people growing up assumed it was nina with a ~, as in little girl in Spanish. My nickname was given to my by my white, American nanny's daughter when I was 2. lol People never cease to amaze me!
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  • PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    At least people don't call you paper.  I get Page all the time.  I am not paper. 

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    my boss still misspells my name after 2 years, but it's correct on all official paperwork so I don't worry about it.
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