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Just wondering what everyone is doing for place cards? I was gonna just use folded paper and put them on a table but i just saw an idea on pintrist i liked. They had a collage picture frame and some squares said table 1 and had the list of names and so on then there were engagement pictures in some squares. Not sure what to do.

Re: place cards

  • Im thinking about doing one of those ribbon boards. Each ribbon will have a number on it for the table they are assign to and then their names will follow on the ribbon . No place cards.
  • I just bought packages of place cards at a craft store that can be fun through a printer.  I saw an awesome display one with each table and the names listed, but I'm not crafty enough to execute it and I didn't want to spend the extra money.

    I also contemplated music note holders and place cards, but again, couldn't justify the extra expense.

  • Only thing I worried about was people not being able tp find their name.. However I have 250 guests, so if your wedding is smaller that would be fine!
    We are doing the vintage windows with everyones name and table number written on it..
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  • We are having a very small wedding and the picture frame idea on pinterest worked great for us.  I got the frame from Walmart and printed the table names, instead of numbers, and listed the guests names...We only have 6 tables.  The seventh slot I added a velum paper of the aspens we are having on our invitations...

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