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When do you register?

I know it's a while off, at least that's what I keep thinking, even though venues are already booking up for this month, but everyone keeps asking what are my plans, when am I doing this and that, where is it going to be, where am I registering, etc.  And I was wondering, when do we register?  2-3 months before the wedding?

Re: When do you register?

  • I was told to register as soon as possible. But what i think the actual time frame was is 7-9 months before the wedding.
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  • really? i would have thought that anything before 6 months would have the stuff you like go out of season and not be available  closer to your wedding...
  • I'd say anywhere from 7-9 months.  I think 7-9 is a more comfortable frame seeing as your shower will be held a few months before your wedding and you'll have time to edit your list before than.  The checklist on here says 9-11 months but I think thats a little too far in advance for most people.  I've had people asking me since we first got engaged if we had our registry yet and we still had over 2 years til our wedding!!  I'd say do it when your comfortable just give yourself plenty of time before the shower so your not rushing and end up putting things you really dont want or need!
  • I think it's really up to you, but I've read a lot of articles and talked to a lot of former brides and they all recommend about 4-5 months prior to your wedding date.  This timeframe allows you to select items that will most likely still be "in season" and available come your big day.  I would be a bit leery registering too far in advance because I know my favorite items will be gone by the time my shower rolls around!

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  • 4-5 months sounds good, but I guess I will have to check to see when showers are happening do it before those invites go out. Thanks ladies!
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