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Ceremony Music/Song Choices -- Beach Wedding

Hi Brides! I'm getting married at an event home in the 4X4 area in October and am totally stuck on what to do for ceremony music on the beach. Part of me wants to see if my dj can do some type of hook up on the beach so we can play some songs I have in mind, but I have no idea how this works/ if it would work and the speakers are a bit of an eyesore.

I also am interested in a live band (either violin or guitarist or something along those lines) but am stuck on what songs to play because I don't want the typical wedding music. I like when they play certain classical songs but I also like the idea of them playing songs you hear on the radio or songs like "Over the Rainbow" (cheesy I know! lol).

Any advice on different songs to play or who to do the ceremony music?? Thanks!! Smile

Re: Ceremony Music/Song Choices -- Beach Wedding

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    We used:
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow - As everyone walked out after ceremony
    vitamin quartet  - You look wonderful tonight - When I walked in
    Amber - 311 - When my bridal party walked in

    Alot of people told me they really liked Over the Rainbow used for a beach ceremony.  It really fit the moment.

    We had speakers on the beach but they were not out in the open.  I did not even notice them.
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    Thanks! I was thinking about using Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ for everyone being seated (like the mothers and grandparents) and I just discovered the VSQ! They are awesome!!

    Glad to hear someone else has done the speaker thing on the beach!
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    Hi & congrats! Sounds like your wedding is going to be beautiful & unique! We selected a solo violinist to play for our ceremony: Leslie of Club Violin. She is really great and afforable. Hope this helps!
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    I agree with PP, Club Violin is a great choice.  I also like Kim Kalman's voice.  She plays guitar while she sings and her voice is very soothing and romantic.  She has a website with clips of her songs.  Both of these musicians are also very helpful with giving you suggestions for song choices for different parts of the ceremony.
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