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So I've heard good and bad things about DB. I know that each store is different and I recently found THE dress there. I'm worried about purchasing it with them because I don't want something to go wrong. Has anyone had any experiences with the DB in Clive or Cedar Rapids? TIA

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    I've been to the DB in Clive 2 different times.

    1st for my Little sisters wedding, the experience overall there was great. I went in a couple of times because my sister didn't know what she wanted, but then the 2nd time I went in the Lady that helped me was awesome. We all(Myself, Best friend, and Consultant) HATED the dress my sister picked out, and we all kind of made fun of it. But she was really good and waited until I started to make fun of the look and then played along. It was a great experience.

    2nd was for me trying on dresses. The Lady I went with was amazing, she was nice, knew what I wanted and allowed my FMIL to pick out dresses too. She even called back 3 weeks later to see if I wanted to come in to try on more dresses.

    If you know you found THE dress I say go for it, they were great with my sisters wedding!
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    I tried on dresses for myself at the Clive location, but didn't find THE one there.  (I got my dress at Schaffers).  The lady who was my consultant was named Shannon and she was awesome-very helpful!  I did go back to DB though to get bridesmaid dresses and had the same consultant, AND, just today, I bought my shoes there.  I agree with PP and say if you know it's THE one-then go for it. I think that they have a lot more success stories than not and I wouldn't worry too much about something going wrong.

    Congrats on finding your dress!
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    The David's Bridal in Clive is a NIGHTMARE.  The consultants are unprofessional and are always helping 2 or 3 other groups besides yours. The two times I have been there both of our consultants looked like they had rolled out of bed and come to work.

    As far as the prices go, you get what you pay for. When we went to try on bm dresses, they didn't have sizes in hardly any of the dresses we wanted to try on...they would have like a size 2 and a size 16 and nothing in between, so when you order its like a craps shoot.

    I am getting married next September and although the prices for Davids are inexpensive, I will not go back their for my own sanity.
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    I go this wednesday so I will let you know about my personal experience with them. I have also heard really awsome things and really horrible things...mostly the bad stuff was about alterations but then I also heard great stuff about the alterations so I guess it's a 50/50 shot and there are always pluses and minuses to everything I suppose.
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    I've never had an experience with DB, but if there are concerns, you could simply purchase the dress from there, but get it altered somewhere else. That way, all you have to deal with is buying the dress from there, and then you won't have to worry about anything else! GL!!
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    I went there for my friend's wedding when she was trying on dresses and it was horrible! Our consultant asked us to get out of one room for others to use it and we had to find her when we needed help. She wasn't very helpful at all! I have been there later on to get bridesmaid dresses for my wedding and it wasn't as bad because it was a lot less busy.
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    My experience at the Clive location was overall positive. It's definitely a better experience to go when they are not as busy though. The first time, I had the consultant all to myself, and the 2nd time, she may have been helping one other bride. My consultant was Sarah K, but that was last January so who knows how often they have turnover.
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    I was very happy with DB in Clive.  Like the PP, Shannon was our consultant and she was helpful and supportive through the whole experience.  I was very pleased with both the service and my dress.  Plus both the bridal dress and the maids' dresses came in way sooner than expected!
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