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During your previous marriage(s), how often did you look at your wedding memorabilia?  I think I would look at pictures somewhat often, but what about the guest book?  Are you planning on skipping some items this time around? 

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Re: Wedding Memorabilia

  • I would look at my wedding pictures all the time when I was married the first time.  The guest book... Never... So I probably won't be doing that again. 

    I also don't think I'll be sending out invites again.  We're doing a DW and everyone already knows it's going to happen and the dates so why bother? 
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    I did not have a guest book the first time -- didn't miss it.  Nor did I have a guest book when I married last year -- don't miss it. 
  • I third the guest book as a waste.  For my SW, I ran a last minute trip to the Hallmark store to get one.  Why I suddenly felt that I HAD to have one I will never know.  I cannot even tell you where it is now,  6 years later. 
  • First time, no guest book.  We had a small photo album, which I don't think we really looked at, but we also had some photos in collage frames hanging in the house.

    This time, we didn't do a "guest book" but instead we asked people to sign a Miami Dolphins jersey with our name on it (he is a HUGE dolphins fan).  It's now framed, and waiting to be hung in the house, so we'll be looking at that often:-)
  • I looked at the photos a couple of times, but that was it. I'm not doing a guest book this time. I will do a signature frame so everyone can sign their well wishes on the matting. They will be diplayed at the wedding with our e-pics the put up in the house.
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    So I loved our guestbook ;)  It was a blank book and we had crayons out, each person took a page and drew or wrote something.  Even though we've been divorced 9 years (we are still friends), I came across it looking for something else the other day, and really enjoyed looking at it.  Not something I'd look at frequently, but loved having it.  There are people who wrote/drew things (like my grandparents) who are no longer living...

    I'm going to do something similar again, but with 8x8 scrapbook pages, and I'm going to have a friend take pics of each person as they come in that will later be placed on the page they decorate.  This way I for sure get a picture of each guest :)
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