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Douglas J Salon?

Hey Guys,

I have a question for you...my sister gets her hair done at the Douglas J Salon in downton GR. It's an upscale cosmotology school and she usually likes her results although the other day they were very slow with her hair (although she got it colored).

So, my question is have any of you gone there and gotten makeup/up do done for a wedding? I am worried about if it takes too long on my wedding day and being crunched for time. I know that they have you do a practice run with the same person to get and idea of what it will look like. Right now they are giving dollar for dollar gift certificates (essentially buy one get one free) and I was thinking of giving them to my bridesmaids for getting our hair done altogether. Do you think this is a good idea? Or should I just go to a normal salon (such as Design 1)...any thoughts/comments are appreciated!

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Re: Douglas J Salon?

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    I say go for it. Running behind can happen anywhere- even a "regular" salon.
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    I got my hair done there for my engagement pictures. It was done ok. It looked ok just not what I was looking for. When I was there there were a few bridal parties there. One was right next to me. They seemed to be happy with the results.

    For me, personally, it was hard to be confident in what I was getting done. I just felt like I wasn't sure that it would turn out right. For you it might be ok because you can have a trial run, but for the other girls they could end up with someone who may not be the best with updos.   I also felt like it just wasn't the relaxing type atmosphere that I want for my day.  It is very loud and there are a LOT of people there. But if you go there and do a trial run you can test that part of it too!! Good Luck, HTH!
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    I am actually a student at Douglas J and I say go for it as long as you talk to the front desk beforehand and make sure they set you up with a good stylist.  They can usually give you a good idea of how long a service will take (mind you it does take a little bit longer than a "salon") but I think you will be happy with your results! Plus the dollar for dollar deal can't be beat! 
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