Wedding items for sale after May 26th

Hey ladies,

We are getting married May 26th and will have some reception items for sale after our wedding. I will have table number stands, candy buffet jars/vases, and other items. I know it's early, but thought I would let you Omahans know. Just send me a PM if interested. :-) I'll be posting more information after our wedding, too. Thanks.

Re: Wedding items for sale after May 26th

  • Can you post a pic of your table number stands please and thank you!

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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:79Discussion:35d39c66-24f3-4c50-a7bb-780f532625c7Post:c091a94e-01f7-4849-9d5f-7eebfe628e4f">Re: Wedding items for sale after May 26th</a>:
    [QUOTE]for the candy buffet we will have lots of apothecary jars (different sizes)--can't give you a number on how many b/c we still need to get a few more. we will possibly have a sign, too. 
    Posted by snh23[/QUOTE]

    Hi.  I would be very interested in your apothecary jars.  Our daughter is getting married next June.  She is wanting a candy buffet also.  When you would have time, would you post some pics of these jars. ~thanks so much.  Becky S
  • Sure! I will post pictures tonight. We have 5 jars at the moment. 
  • It's saying the image is too big :-( let me figure this out and I will post pictures once I do.
  • I can't convert the image any smaller than what it is. If you have a wedding email address, I could email you the pictures. Just PM me.
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