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having children?

How long after you ladies are married do you plan on starting a family?

My FI wants to start right away but i think i want to wait about a year what about you guys
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Re: having children?

  • We want to wait at least 5-7 years. We want to establish our careers, buy our first home, and have some selfish alone time with one another before we start to procreate.
  • This is my second marrage and we both already had children.  I was pregnant by my first anniversay the first time around.  I love my son, but having some time to grow as a couple is a wonderful thing.

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    We plan on waiting at least two years before even trying to conceive. I'm in no hurry to have children and would rather make sure our marriage has the best foundation possible before bringing in children.
  • We have agreed to wait until after our first year of marriage (we will both be 31 then) to start trying to have a child. We will wait until after that to decide if we want more. If it were up to me I would have a million dogs and one spoiled kid lol!
  • My FI wants to wait 5 years.  I don't want to wait that long.  I'm ok waiting 2-3 after we are married but 5 years... I'll be in my 30's.  I want to start a family before I'm 30.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.
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  • My FI wants to wait at least 5 years as well... but....I want to only wait about 2-3 years HAHA I know we need to be financially ready before having kids, and we both want to enjoy being a married couple before having children...but I can't wait 5 years.
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  • We'll probably wait about a year to start TTC... We've been together for a long time so spending time as a married couple first isn't that high of a priority for us.
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  • We plan to right away.  We already are established in our careers and own a home together and have been living together almost 4 years.  I'm soon to be 32 so not getting any younger and hope to have at least 2 children.   We're ready- actually all we're waiting on is the wedding!
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