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Okay so I wanted to post on here about what some of my current wedding ideas are: First of all- Country/Rustic being we are having it in Texas. Next up Flowers- Hydrangeas, Sunflowers, and Bluebonnets (silk, of course). Would like the Hydrangeas to be Blue and White. Maybe incorporate roses where needed. Colors- Obviously Blue and Yellow to match with flowers. Dresses- My gown will be ivory with Shantung and Lace. My MOH (only her, not having a large wedding) will be in Blue dress with Sunflowers as her bouquet. Looking to see about having Bluebonnet and Sunflower in mine. Now the thing is, IDK how much the Hydrangeas and Sunflowers will be, being the wedding is in Late May and IDK if those flowers are in season :( Main Fabric Choices- Lace & Burlap :D IDK if that sounds like too much but I'm hoping it will all come together nicely


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