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Question: Anyone else planning a 'minimony' and then a 'sequel' wedding? We are planning to tie the know with just my parents and sister and a couple friends on FH side. I am on the older side and want to start trying to have a kid (this is what makes the most sense for us, other ways are completely fine) and we want to legally get married sooner rather than later. Also, the wedding of our dreams would have to be out of the country so his family could be present. This is only a possibility if we get married first and he then could easily leave the country ad get back in. Anyways, I have a huge family that is very supportive of me. Do we send out an announcement that we are planning this minimony, or we can only make the announcement informally over zoom, or text, or do we let the MOH & MOB blade it to the one side? Not sure how to handle the etiquette of this. It was never our intent on 'eloping' or having such a small wedding, but with the corona virus, I'm not sure we can wait a year, or 2, or 3 for things to die down. So do we wait to send an announcement after we tie the knot inviting the larger 'guest list' to the 'sequel wedding' at a TBD time? Which would official be a vow renewal, but we would like to have all the formal wedding things happen around that time. For instance my sister/MOH already expressed wanting to hold a shower for me at the sequel when everyone can gather and be marry.  Questions: DO we try and text a large family that we are having a private ceremony that they're not invited to? They are very supportive and will want to be involved in the pre-wedding excitement. Do we send an announcement saying something like we picked a date and we're going to pick another date later post-corona?  OR  DO we just send an announcement that we got married and reception to follow? Also, DO we have to send formal invites for the minimony? Like less than 8 people we've already texted about it? Do we set up a wedding website with a registry? People invited and not invited are already asking about one. And then do we announce the website where? Thanks for the help! #newbie #coronabride #rulesmightbechangingbutstillwannagetitright


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