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The great ring debacle.... my engagement ring was a beautiful rounded square halo with pave diamonds. It was perfect. Dainty and modest and so perfect. After a few weeks of wearing it, I developed a severe burn on my ring finger. I was allergic to the gold. :( After a while, and a few stand ins later, DH surprised me one christmas with a new bridal set. 2.62 tcw three stone princess cut ring with matching band. OMG was it gorgeous. We didnt have a lot of money, and the ring was a cz set. It never mattered to me whether or not it was a real diamond set. I've worn it proudly for three years, never hesitating to tell people it is cz. However, as it is well known, cz is not a forever stone. Over time it tends to get cloudy and almost a milky white. And after three years of daily wear, sadly my set has clouded.  DH and I have decided that we are going to renew our vows next summer. Our wedding had been ruined, and we had a short seperation. It is the perfect time to recommit to each other. Vow renewal plans started first, then the clouding of my ring, it was the perfect time to start over. Im impatient as hell when it comes to anything, and on a spur of the moment impulse decision, we tried a few rings on. DH chose which he liked best out of the three we tried on. The end result, a 1/5 tcw pave illusion engagement ring. It sparkles beautifully and the illusion setting really looks great. its surrounded by two pave swirl bands with a thicker silver swirl in the middle. very dainty and modest. I guess its taking some getting used to... especially wearing one ring for the moment. We'll exchange new bands at the vow renewal. it just sucks... there was so much thought and emotion behind the cz set.... im sure i'll love the new ring in time... just sucks. 


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