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    @labro I hope you have fun at the escape room tonight. I have heard that they are fun! I wanted to do one with my coworkers but they only allow 6 people in the room and I work with more teachers than that. 
    @jenjen047 way to go on the weight loss! 
    @speakeasy14 I hate when the cable/internet or power goes out for no reason. It happens here at my school sometimes.
    @AlPacina I bet it's super cold in Alaska though......but yeah I'm with you- I'd go again!
    @beachyone15 Can't wait to see you AW your SF box. I wish I could use SF! Nothing fits me :(

    Hey guys! I am on my free period and I have been dying to check in here all week! So far the day has been flying because I have been in PD all morning. I have one more period to go and then I have a special ed meeting at the high school. Tonight's dinner is looking like stuffed peppers with sauce. My life is so exciting!!! Hahaha! I wish I had more going on to share with you all. I have to go to class, but I'll try and come back later!
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    @speakeasy14 I'm 99% sure I got this one. Essie "In Stitches"

    I usually look for the name but completely forgot to today. 
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    Back from getting my nails done! Boy, did they need it. I know it's later in the day but maybe there is still some life here!

    @labro It was for local offices- thankfully I was in and out! I really hope the next 3 work days fly by.
    @speakeasy14 I hope you have a great day at the beach tomorrow! September beach days are so precious. Enjoy it for all of us!

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    NEY!!!! I have the day off today for the primary, and I just had to catch up on alllll of the threads! Looks like it has continued to be slow around here. Is everyone just swamped at work or are people chatting elsewhere? I have been absolutely swamped with the beginning of the school year. The honeymoon period is already over with some of my students :( Hopefully things will become more routine at work and I will be able to chat occasionally on mobile- if TK allows me to post lol

    @labro I agree, my favorite part of fall is getting to wear all of my boots! I feel like outfits are so much easier to put together with boots.
    @minskat30 I hope you have such a great time on your trip! Ani chats are everything too.
    @beachyone15 I am having beach withdrawals too! I just took the beach pass permit sticker off of my windshield :(
    @PamBeesly524 that quinoa taco salad sounds so good! I hope you have a great trip to Orlando!
    @loro929 Mmmm bibimbap! There's a great Korean place by me...I think I have a craving now. 
    @jenna8984 A+ for your H. That definitely sounds like a win for your family!
    @wink0erin The Halloween decorations are everywhere already! I always love looking at the kids costumes, they get cuter every year.

    Now onto the questions:

    Do you meal plan?
    Yes, but I also have a couple nights that are "mystery meals". That turns into leftovers, cereal night or take out. 

    What's on your menu this week?
    So far I have Gyros with rice pilaf, homemade pizza, tomato basil pasta with pancetta and grilled chicken caesar salads.

    Do you have a favorite make-ahead and/or crock pot meal?
    My go to for the crock pot is either beef stew or pulled pork. I hardly ever use the crock pot because we always have leftovers that my H will not eat.

    If you meal plan, why? To save money? Eat healthier? Etc.
    All of the above. It's just easier and saves so much time after school- my precious time! We used to do BA, but we ended up having so much of our normal groceries go to waste. We are taking a break from BA and just getting better at creating our own meal ideas. 

    To build on @audrewuh's question yesterday, what makes you feel like fall? Do you do anything to get yourself in...the mood?
    I always love a good PSL! But honestly fall just translates to going back to school for me. Once works starts it's officially fall in my world. 

    What is your favorite thing about fall? Least favorite?
    Wearing cute boots and sweaters is my favorite! My least favorite part of fall is getting back into the routine of work- oh and I always get a sinus infection from the change in temps and kid germs.

    What's on your agenda today?
    I voted this morning and later I NEED to get my nails done. They need love. I also need to pack more lunches and review some paperwork for school. I wish I had a more exciting day off from work. But I am so glad I made it here to NEY...hoping I am not the last post of this thread...
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    @labro Wow! You know how to get all of the things done. I desperately need to borrow some of your motivation today.
    @southernpeach89 I can't wait for the day my H agrees to cancel cable. There are so many options out there now for way less $.
    @PamBeesly524 I hope you had a great time in Narragansett! That's my stomping ground in the summer. I have a beach pass to all of the beaches! I am jealous that you went to Billy Joel! I had a few friends go and said it was great.
    @cu97tiger Aw, that cookie is so cute! I am glad you had such a great day!

    Hey everyone! It's Monday and I really can't focus or get motivated to get out the door and do something. I have a school event later (passing out chromebooks) at 4 but I want to go there early to possibly read some files or just get my mind back into school mode. My first full day back is Friday and the students start next week on Wednesday. And I don't feel ready at all!

    During the past week I have been trying to live it up with beach time, watching Netflix and getting organized around the house. Anyone here watch Stranger Things on Netflix? I randomly started watching it a couple days ago and finished it last night. It was definitely sci-fi but I loved the nostalgia and feel of the show. I am also accepting Netflix recommendations! Let me know what's good on there!

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