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  • Re: Cake-only reception, followed by non-included dinner??

    Wait... So you're making everyone travel (whether by car or air makes it a destination wedding) and spend money on gas, hotel and meals to Vegas, thanking them with a piece of cake, and then everyone is going back to Cali, where you're going to honeymoon anyways? Step back and think about that?

    Your guests are going to step back and say to themselves... WTH? If you truly properly hosted in Vegas, you're supposed to have all of your OOT guests to the rehearsal dinner as well. So there are multiple hosting infractions happening here. If I was a guest, I would think, 'I pretty much traveled to Vegas for butter, sugar and flour?!?' 

    I think you could save everyone money by having a simple ceremony and a lovely cake and champagne reception for less than making everyone go out to Vegas. And you could host a lot more of your friends and family. I'm sure you could host it for less than $4500 in Cali. 

    Being young is not an excuse for improper hosting. My FH and I are eloping by ourselves in Kauai and then being proper hosts by having a celebration of marriage casual cocktail party in each of our respective hometowns. Affordable and proper. You just need to host a party within your means.

    I would consider eloping by yourselves to Vegas and then hosting your cake and champagne celebration of marriage back home or doing a simple ceremony and cake and champagne reception at home.
  • Re: Cake-only reception, followed by non-included dinner??

    Sort of sad that this seems to be the mind set of many young people this day and age.
  • Re: How do I pull off elopement announcements & invites for a casual cocktail/apps party, weeks apart?

    Actually, it's his mom and 2 sisters... one of the sisters owns the restaurant. It's not a full blown over the top wedding reception like thing... That's how they're able to arrange it all... unfortunately, due to his work schedule on the road and mine is cuckoo too (I'm construction/ project) management... this is the time that really works for us and his family.

    Mostly everyone is local... that's what makes it convenient. I think since it's casual... including the private celebration invite with the elopement announcement (and drop them in the mail as soon as we get off the plane a couple days before the wedding) to give them a head start... that would make the most sense and they can RSVP our Knot webpage so we can give his sister a rough number. 

    It would make me sad to miss some people, but I understand springing this little surprise on people would mess up some people's plans.